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  1. Just a follow up. It seams the last update has fixed this issue.
  2. Yea. I think I might have to put in a ticket to Chief. Thanks again for looking.
  3. Here are some base cabinets from my X12 library. I included the plan file as well. Thanks for looking. Base February 2021 Fern
  4. Has anyone else experienced cabinet reveals changing from X12 to X13? I have attached images from an identical plan that was created in X12 from a cabinet library I created. The X12 shows as I would expect. X13 shows as expected as well. The difference starts when inserting cabinets from the library I created into X13. Chief has changed/added some default settings. The overlays in X12 are in the Box Construction section of the defaults. The overlays in X13 are in the Drawer Face Item Specification. The cabinet in X13 had the overlay changed form the default 3/4" from X12 to 1/16" when inserted into X13. I'm guessing it's because the overlay defaults have been moved to the Drawer/Door face item specification. I really don't want to have to redo the entire cabinet library as there are hundreds of them. The reason the library was created is due to our cabinet supplier having specific cabinet callouts. Thank you for any help.
  5. Many thanks Dermont. That works.
  6. Yes, I've used that method before for other situations. The stair opening will still have columns on each side of the stairs.
  7. Does anyone know of a way to have the stairs NOT cut an opening in a wall. I am trying to space columns evenly across the front of a porch and the stair doorway adds columns on each side of the stair. I know I can draw the stairs with a pline solid. I try to use them as a last resort. I also don't want to have to place the columns and headers manually. Just thought there might be a setting I am missing. Thanks in advance
  8. 24" NEC EA245WMI-BK 1920x1200 or 27" BENQ PD2700Q 2560x1440 I would like opinions on what everyone thinks would be a better choice for a triple monitor setup. I should start by saying that these will be used for CAD and Chief Architect. No gaming. I currently have 3 monitor that are all different sizes. An ultrawide would be nice. But I don't think I would have enough space. I will be running CAD/Chief on 2 monitors and e:mail reference material on the third. Pros for the NEC. 1. Display port out for daisy chaining. 2. 16:10 ratio. 3. USB 3 type C Pros for the BENQ 1. CAD/CAM mode 2. Larger screen. 3. Higher resolution Both have almost identical specs and a 3 year warranty.
  9. Joe, That is the answer. However I don't recall that being an issue prior to X8. I'm fairly certain I have used all sort of materials that were not "framing" materials. Thanks for the help.
  10. Alaskan, Yeah I was trying to see if turning them off and selecting the deck room and "build deck frame". but that did nothing. I have submitted it to tech support.
  11. I'm hoping this is just me having a blond moment but I can not for the life of me figure out why the Deck posts, beams and planking are not displaying. Older Chief 7 files will show the materials. Chief 8 profile plan shows the materials. When I use the template I created from the profile plan with the defaults I want this is the result. Thanks in advance.
  12. The big issue I used to get was when doing capes with dormers. When I would use the material painter it would paint the walls on the inside of the cape area also. i do use the material painter for flooring and applying paint colors to interior walls. I find it beneficial to change the defaults for exterior walls and of course the roof material.
  13. Thanks Humble, I'm never sure if it's me just complaining, not sure how to do something properly or there is a legitimate issue.
  14. Alaskan Son, As I have said before. I have had mixed results using the eyedropper for the roof materials. Maybe with the new individual layer control in X8 of the roof surfaces, this will be less of an issue. Thanks again.
  15. Here is the 3 part answer I got from tech support. The steps have changed in X8. Please go to Build>Roof>Structure>Roof layers and change the default material there. We have brought it to the attention of our developers that the option for changing roof plane materials in default settings does not work and should be removed. We are working to fix this issue as it is causing confusion. You can set the default of the roof by going to edit>default settings>roof and on the structure panel, change the material surface there. If you build your roof first, then try to change the default it is not a dynamic setting and you will have to rebuild your roof. If you cannot rebuild your roof, the eye dropper is the only other way to change the material. I see now that it was dynamic in X7. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I will bring it to the attention of our Development Team. Thank you for your input, and for bringing this to our attention. Hopefully it gets fixed in a future patch.