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  1. Does anybody have any opinions on "Refurbished Workstaions", check out this site, some of these babies have twin Xeons and Quadro videos cards for not much money, but would thay be suitable for Chief and/or other graphical programmes.
  2. I have edited my post.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but your image seems to show the hardware detached from the surface of your drawers. When making custom objects Chief will usually assign an invisable '" bounding box" to the object. this would not cause a problem with flat faced drawers,but in the case of raised embellishiments, the hardware will attach to the furthest extent of the front bounding face, which is now extended by the Depth of the said embellishment. Update: On closer examination of the plan you posted it appears you do not have any "raised embelishments", however there are some drawer fronts with depressions, and on these the harware hangs strangly in mid-air
  4. Now having discovered the trick , perhaps you'll like to share it.
  5. I would advise you to post one or more of your Sketchup models on this forum, so that someone can look at it
  6. Oh wait a minute, I just remembered something, Try saving your sketchup model as a earlier version before trying to import to Chief, I just tried it with "save as type" Sketchup model 2014, and it worked fine
  7. Sketchup to Chief can be troublesome, To save yourself a lot of trouble just export a 3ds file from Sketchup, then import this 3ds file to Chief Architect. Be careful of Sketchup models if the file size is too big, they may affect the performance of chief. By too big I mean an unnecessarily complicated model with too much detail.
  8. A few original and hopefully polygon aware objects Archijefs bits.calibz
  9. It's a bit big I think the those knobs have whacked up th polygon count, perhaps you could try reducing them
  10. Yup, haven't had anything sensible to say recently, or more importantly anything ludicrous either. you could try studying these old threads.
  11. I'm getting this as reet polymonster
  12. Agree, you would normally designate stretch plane x=0 for this type of door. For the Z plane you have choices, when placed at a height to intersect the window the door could be resized in height, and the window would resize too, the frame left, right and above to window would retain the same dimensions. If the Z plane is placed below the window the door would resize yet the window would remain the same size. I also wondered how you made this door, and if it contains in dimensional artefacts. Meaning you may have accidentally left a small object or more likely some kind of line outside of the model, this could influence its apparent size.
  13. I think the window is blocked off to avoid window tax. there was also a brick tax, introduced by King George the turd, this tax was to help pay for the wars in the American Colonies, clearly the tax was not high enough.
  14. The library fluorescent lights come with a point light source, I would recommend turning off the shadows for these lamps, you should get even lighting . There is nothing to stop you combining other types of lamps nearby, for instance you could use a Fluorescent on the kitchen ceiling , and install under cabinet lamps to give localised down-lighting.
  15. But this thing has an extraordinarily high poly count , why?
  16. But what is better a Power Mad User, or a Mad Power user
  17. I agree perhaps that post needs an upgrade, I'm a bit busy at the moment, had to go and meet the President .....again, so I'll just give you this link courtesy of KBird and beware everybody the Blackboard Monitor cometh
  18. Windows for Intelligent people This thread will show you how to handle custom windows.
  19. GET BENT Mind you that text looks like it could do with being curved upwards to match the doorway, you could use the "Bend it like Beckham" technique, which is obliviously too well known to require further explanation.
  20. I disagree Accutrans is even easier, fonts too
  21. I am puzzled as to why you don't just use a good old Chief window with a Tudor arch. The lattice work can be made with custom muntins. I have posted how to create custom windows in the past, should be on the old forum.
  22. Chief can make spiral staircases easily, just adjust a curved stair. if you need more than 360 deg. you will have to "stitch" two or more stair sections together. For a normal 2.50M high ceiling 180 deg of turn will be enough. Chief stairs have a good deal of adjustable parameters, and will adjust tread height to reach the upper floor. If Chief cannot produce what you want, you can try some modelling, make a step then use the multiple copy tools to complete the stair. you could use Chief to produce a hand rail, and combine this with other modelling techniques.