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  1. I use Sketchup for that, never tried with CA.
  2. javachip24k

    Fluted Block

    NP enjoy, glad it worked out!
  3. javachip24k

    Fluted Block

    I used it on the project a while back. I hope you find it useful.
  4. javachip24k

    Avast Virus Protection App..... What Do I Do

    Yes, I have both Malwarebytes Pro and Spybot-S&D just happened a while back I needed Spybot to get rid of something Malwarebytes couldn't do it and I agree the free ones like adwcleaner (which I use also) are excellent programs.
  5. javachip24k

    Avast Virus Protection App..... What Do I Do

    Keep in mind that most Antivirus companies goes too far with their Virus protection and in many cases they classify completely legit software as infection, and these are simple false positive alerts. If you have popups or your browser gets hijacked most likely you caught some Malware and antivirus programs suck at catching them, so you can use free tools like Adware-Removal-Tool,HiJackThis tool,CCleaner, etc there is also tools you pay for which are only $20 some which do a real good job.
  6. javachip24k

    How Can I Add Music To A Walk-Through?

    I use Camtasia Studio, do your rendering, then drop into Camtasia add the music and combine the two. Easy and effortless.
  7. javachip24k

    Landing Rails Falling Too...

    Scott, Couldn't agree with more...
  8. javachip24k

    Trim Under Stairs

    There is always a problem with under-stair walls, especially when using winder on stairs and having base molding to be continued. If you create auto generated wall under the stairway it shows without base molding. If you add a wall under it, its messing up the whole staircase and its such a time consuming way of doing it. I know this been brought up before, but no one really has any solution how to do this. Is there an easy way to do this or video someplace showing how can this be done?.
  9. javachip24k

    Sump Pump Pit

    Sketchup has tendency to do that to get a better rendering quality. You can get a third party poly cruncher programs which will reduce the file size. I could have kept smooth sides making like a plain cylinder, but I guess I like to play a little so I made it look like a real sump pit and if need it it will look real. ​If that a concern, just make a cylinder using solids and cut a hole in it to make a pit.
  10. javachip24k

    Stair Delemma

    Thanks guys for the reply. Is what I been doing using the wall there to make it work or using a line and converting to 3d molding, but we shouldn't have to do that. Also if you have crown molding in the room and you create a stairway, the crown should break at stairway points instead of keep going another pain in the A$$ and a wasted time to get rid of it. As spindles go, I think you only have the option to adjust spacing on the landing rails only, on the stairs you don't get that option in dbx. Also when railing is done on the stairway along the wall,would be a good idea to add wall returns being this the code and it would look much better in the 3d view. Hopefully they get this right i the new version.
  11. javachip24k

    Stair Delemma

    Am'I doing something wrong or this is some CA glitch in the program. First, when closing under the stairs the wall base molding is not continued as it would with crown when using soffit where crown will recognize soffit being part of the wall and wrap around it. Second using the Newel out of the box, why stair tread cuts through the post? Third why there is missing spindles at the wall and at the newel post... creating none code compliant spindle spacing? Is this something CA messed up (@ this price should this be an issue)? I'm doing something wrong? Or this have to be done manually?
  12. javachip24k

    Sump Pump Pit

    You welcome, glad I could help out and its always a pleasure!
  13. javachip24k

    Joining Walkthrough Paths

    Use break line to make any curve you need
  14. javachip24k

    Joining Walkthrough Paths

    Click add a frame and add click on the path line behind the leading camera, that camera will become camera #2 and the leading camera will automatically become camera #3.
  15. javachip24k

    Shadow Hatching Under Porch On Plan?

    Nothing is attached