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  1. Yes!!! That was the trick!!! Thanks a lot!
  2. I still have problems, unbelievable. But I made screenshots of each stage of importing (screenshots 1 to 13), maybe you then can see what is done in a wrong way. The problem is still, that I cannot see my item on the plan view, thus I cannot adjust its angles and positioning. It only shows in the camera view. If other people import and send me their plan file (screenshot 14), I can see that it must be possible to import it properly Just - how? SCREENSHOTS My own attempt: Someone else did it successfully:
  3. Hi everyone, and my big gratitude for all your assistance and good intentions. I spent the last days on completing that 3D object (ring table) and wasn't been, therefore, often online. As usual, I uploaded the file(s) as compressed RAR archive: http://www.BigTingsAGwaan.com/d/BowRoofMetric.rar The object is a ring-shaped table, but also much more than that: it is also a lowered area in the ground (a circular area with 5 meters diameter), in which a couch set and multimedia set are placed. Looks neat. This set has to be placed touching the corner of a room. I still seem to have these funny, unnecessary problems during import. Maybe, one of my ancestors did something unspeakably terrible, and he and all his children over generations got condemned. Maybe that's the reason I got these stupid problems here, who knows. Frustrating... And the really strange thing is, that each time I try to import, i get a different (wrong) result. Sometimes the imported 3D symbol is totally flat like a 2D image, sometimes I cannot see it on the plan view but only in the camera view, and so on. I will read through the documentation, thanks. :-)
  4. Chiefer: thank you so much. I was finally able to use the ring table! But please let me know, piece by piece, how exactly you did import that .3ds file into CAX7. What were the options you used during that import dialog? I need to know, as I have more items to import, and want to do that by myself. I need to learn. :-)
  5. I think, one of the problems (but not the major one) is that my understanding of the terms is different. For me,a symbol is a 2-dimensional think. Like a sign, or a drawing on paper. That is, why I, as a non-English person, find it so hard to work with the terms CAX7 comes along. But what I want, is to import a .skp file in a way, that it is a truly three-dimensional item, like a door, window, wall, cabinet and such. I can import it, change the importable measures to "m" (meter), and can see it big inside the camera view, even rotate it there. But only there. I need to be able to see it in the plan view. So, the question is still and now as before, IF things can be imported into CAX7 as three-dimensional items, how to do that? How to get geometry? That is still the question...
  6. Here is my plan file of the current stage. Use the CAMERA tool to look at the round area inside my livingroom, then you will see the item. But back in plan view, you can't see it. The item has a diameter of 2 meters (6 feet), around the same diameter as the round cut-out area. http://www.BigTingsAGwaan.com/d/BowRoofMetric.rar
  7. No, I was setting the measure to "m" (meter). It is large enough, around 2 meters (6 feet) wide. While the camera view does show it, the plan view does not. Any suggestions?
  8. Yes, that helps to some degree. I can see the imported item now in the camera view. But on the plan view, I cannot see the imported ring table. Is there a trick to make the ring table visible on the plan view, too? That would make it much easier to adjust the item, to rotate it, and to scale it. Thanks.
  9. Yes, that video is good and explains. While in CAX7, the term "Import 3D Symbol" was so misleading to me, that I never considered it (as I didn't intended to import symbols but a 3D item). Well, I learned something new today... But new problem. CAX7 errors now "Could create a symbol. There were no 3D surfaces found in the data file". Now I am getting insane. Please help. http://www.BigTingsAGwaan.com/d/RingTableCut.skp
  10. rlackore, what did you do to get the file as real 3D item into the plan?
  11. Yes, I work in metric values. For import, I use meter ("m"). But that alone doesn't do "the trick". What are the other settings you're using for importing the file? Please, if possible, specify all settings. Thanks.
  12. Hmmmmm, thanks for your answer. I actually posted the same problem inside the Sketchup forum. It is hard to determine, where the problem is: on the import options of CAX7, or inside the Export feature of Sketchup. Another Sketchup user, answering my request for help, told me that he tested my DWG file inside AutoCad, and it was properly displayed as a solid 3D body. On the other hand, I made with CAX7 the same experiences like you: it seems to become only some sort of symbol. Could it be, we two don't use the many import options correctly? More help is needed for this interesting problem. Ideally, if someone not only uses CAX7 but also Sketchup 2015 (x64 version).
  13. Thanks a lot. I tried by myself to import it as symbol (SKP file), but CAX7 errors with the message "Couldn't create a symbol. There were no 3D surfaces found in the data file". The compressed RAR archive contains the house plan, and the ring table as SKP (Sketchup) and DWG file. When importing it, the units are meters. Also, inside the plan you can see that I tried already to import the ring table, it is standing proudly inside the living room. But you can see it only on the regular plan, inside the camera view it cannot be seen. What went wrong? http://www.BigTingsAGwaan.com/d/BowRoofMetric.rar
  14. Hmmmm, I tried. Still failing. Just for example, try to place the round couch into the living room of my house. Both files (house plan and couch) are inside this compressed RAR archive: http://www.BigTingsAGwaan.com/d/BowRoofMetric.rar And if you succeed, please explain to me step by step, how you did the magic, button-click by button-click, I need to learn. Thanks. :-)
  15. I tried Windows-Shape-MatchRoof, but that didn't give me a window matching my curved roof. But what i finally did, is to create a "Glass Shower" wall, and to use slabs as posts. I had to be exact, so their ends would be inside the roof. Not perfect, but better than nothing. But I still feel the need to extend my question: how to configure CAX7, that the "Snap" behavior changes (that the ends of the slabs can be dragged with the mouse into the roof thickness, instead of ending below or way above the roof)? Same with cutting: how to male CAX7 allowing me, to cut NARROW pieces of a wall (instead of 30cm wide)?