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  1. Sure was a windy day. It may explain why some of the grass seems ripped off.
  2. So far, I'm doing fine with 551.23 on a 4070ti. What issues did you come across?
  3. I do inside walkthroughs often. Not sure what particular aspect you find difficult. My walkthroughs are one video with multiple key frames. I've even done two story walkthroughs in one video. Share your pain, I'm sure many can help.
  4. Walkthrough paths give you more control, specifically speed.
  5. Just curious as to why you retained DropBox, versus Google Drive et al.
  6. I regularly struggle with lighting when flipping between interior and exterior PBR. I personally find it easier to play with the exposure. Try enabling manual exposure and crank up until satisfied.
  7. And what about the exterior open doorway on the porch ? Wonder how you keep it shut given that framing. And is the porch roof a slab ? Pretty thin.
  8. I purchased a Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti and very satisfied so far. It was a steel at that time, but you need to look around for current competitive pricing from the main manufacturers.
  9. I never thought of playing with the color to adjust the exterior lighting, but you're right, you can simulate night time with the sunlight by tweaking the color. Not perfect (you see the daytime shadows), but close enough if 'toggle sunlight' is not optimal.
  10. You could set Keyframe 2's 'speed after' to the max 400ft/s. I suspect you won't notice the length between 2 and 3 at all while having only one walkthrough.
  11. You might get a better response in the Q&A forum. You're currently posting in the Symbols & Content forum.
  12. That behavior has been a mystery for me for quite a while. I often end up with uninvited pieces of framing even though auto framing is on, especially with roofing. I've learned to manually delete those and force a rebuild after.
  13. Thanks, forgot about that one. Still begs the question why this happens...
  14. It seems that 2 adjacent walls at 90°, brick-6 and siding-6, will have one side wrap incorrectly, depending on how they are drawn.. To demonstrate this, I created two simple 4-wall plans with the front wall brick-6 and the others siding-6 (attached). If the walls are drawn counter clockwise, the 'left' side of the brick-6 wall will wrap correctly with the siding-6, but the wrap at the 'right' side will leave a gap that seems to be the thickness of the brick's air gap. If the walls are drawn clockwise, the 'right' side of the brick-6 wall will wrap correctly with the siding-6, but the wrap at the 'left' side will leave a gap. It seems the beginning of the wall drawn will wrap ok, but not the other end. Or I'm missing something too obvious? Wall bug.pdf
  15. I appreciate you folks suggesting Web sites. It would be great with additional information indicating if these suppliers offer 2D/3D symbols compatible with CA, or is it just a matter of saving images.
  16. Have you tried the core catalog Plants/Trees/Deciduous/Prunus/ ? It doesn't show Persica specifically but you may find a good alternative. They are 2D though.
  17. But CA shouldn't shut down. If reproduceable, I would file that to tech. support.
  18. Very nice render. The reflections are awesome. Did you do it with the RXT4090? I know its 50 fps, but it seems long at 30 minutes for 11 seconds. As I experiment with my RTX4070 Ti, I realize that the old days of doing a complete walkthrough of a house now with RTRT are, well, impossible, at least with a 4070 Ti, so farming it out becomes more and more a viable option.
  19. Interesting angle. The plan I am having difficulty with in X14 was started in X12. It would explain why my other plans started in X14 don't have the issue.
  20. Tried 528.24 Studio, still no luck. TwinMotion with path tracing works fine ...