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  1. I’m curious if there’s anyway to render plan views in line drawing format? From a sales and marketing perspective we provide 2d plans and line drawing perspectives for “conceptual “ plan fees. And once clients commit to construction drawings and moving ahead with a project , we send more detailed views and plans with dimensions etc. Many architects will give hand drawn plan views before any hard lined CAD plans and in thinking of following that format , would love to give “conceptual plans “ a more conceptual “look”. Since all the work is done up front on CA .. in getting all the details of framing etc done before we start drawing , it would be nice to be able to turn down the detailed plans to look more conceptual ( with pencil smudges etc ) and then turn layers on for the work when charging a 2nd phase fee for construction plans. This is merely a marketing issue much like we do when presenting as built plans gray scaled out and dull and proposed plans with lots of color and energy ( we change text colors , dimension colors , notes etc. all to present a pallet that significantly reflects the change from their as built home to their potential new home. I haven’t found a way to do that in CA. And just wondered if anyone else is Looking for the same kind of controls of their plan views. Thanks for any help or advice. Jen K