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  1. That was a brilliant Idea, thank you very much...already built and looking perfect. Thanks again
  2. Good Morning, I need to create a roof lantern / skylight which has similar properties to this. It is for a Grade 2 listed build which is applying for an Orangery on the side of the property. Sky lights are a flat unit which doesn't show the Pyramid shape as well as the frame/lead work between the panels. Any help is appreciated.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!! Thank you both very much. I did try the invisible wall but the floor remained protruding through the roof so between both solutions the problem is solved. Thanks again for the quick resolutions. I'll be in touch with my next issue in due course
  4. Ok.....Solver, you No Room Definition has removed the floor going through the roof to the external walls however the walls still exist. Thank you both so far...I'm hoping your not out of ideas yet for the external skin
  5. Sadly yes it still exists. It's strange that it's not an issue on the right hand side over the different external wall? You may note the floor for the attic space is also protruding out the roof to what looks like it trying to finish at the external skin?
  6. There will be a room in the attic so I need to create the usable space and a tech support at Chief mentioned that creating an attic space is easiest by creating a 3rd floor and take your baseline for the roof from the 2nd floor? Does this explain the points above any clearer? I've corrected the birdsmouth as well (not sure what happened there
  7. Hi all, My having difficultly finding the correct button to stop the 3rd floor external skin of my external walls going through my roof. I have sourced the baseline for the roof off the 2nd floor however the external skin of the multi-layed external walls are going through the roof, any help?? Thanks frontage 4 option.plan
  8. Absolutely not, this is an existing property and pebble-dash is an outdated 1970's solution to ex-council property here in the UK. Unfortunately if an extension is being designed under permitted development, planning reg's require us to maintain existing materials and blend new with old.
  9. Its no different at all both are correct, however as individuals we process information differently and the sentence "our "pebble dash" walls seem to be brick walls that you have painted with a pebble dash material." used by Eric made me understand what Eric and George were both saying, and looking back at George's solution it is clear he resolved it also. I would say adding an additional 1mm also makes no difference to the build it wouldn't be the 100% correct method, I simply and stupidly didn't change my wall to the correct one. Thanks all, I'll be back with my next issue in due course
  10. Yes!!!....good spot Eric. I feel abit silly not thinking of that, it has solved it problem straight away, many thanks.
  11. Pebbledash is similar to plaster or render on the external of a property, attached is the cross section showing the issue. I can solve this problem as I mentioned using a polysolid and setting depth to 1mm and using the eyedropper to match materials, however this seems very lengthily for what I believe should be a standard request "to get materials to end at the end of the wall." In the attached picture, the ground floor shows the use of a polysolid and the 1st floor shows how where the software ends my material choice, I'm trying to get the peddledash (caramel colour on main elevation) to end on the corner so the bricks are not on show from this elevation. Material issue.pdf
  12. It's meant to have Peddledash on the large elevation and Brick on the rear elevation. I'm unable to get the materials to meet in the corner. I can simply use a polysolid, set the depth to 1mm and place it over the corner however this doesn't seem right I sure you should be able to get the material of choice to fully cover the external face of any given wall from corner to corner. Materials image.pdf
  13. Here is my plan file, I'm sure it must be something very simple, Thanks all for your help Dave Hay Extension final.plan
  14. Hi, I have tried this the intersection tool the corners are all mitered correctly to the corner. If then use the Wall Spec dialog and select Structural then choose 'Through wall at end' it just shifts the issue to the adjoining wall. There has to be an answer to this besides using a 'polyline solid' to layer over the issue. Materials image.pdf