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  1. Rene, I really want to see how you do that and what the finish results look like. I have no doubt you can do it. When I grow up I want to be you. :-)
  2. What if any discounts for additional seats. If I understand the Autodesk model, there is no discount on additional seats.
  3. I am planning on adding a 4th seat but I need to know that that seat will have the same SSA option and what the expected cost of maintaining the 4 seats will be over the next few years. What do they plan for fee increases each year? I need to make a decision soon.
  4. Might also look at the included library items included and organized to make this work flow work. I can't imagine how much time went into this.
  5. I love this tool pack! The instructions were easy enough to follow with one minor step (at least for me) I needed to click on each icon then press enter or OK to accept the new icon which took a few seconds. Thanks again for this great tool.
  6. https://www.graphicstandards.com/gs/landing.html#searchQuery?searchQueryString=turning
  7. I have had a similar problem. (User Library) For me, the program could not find all my materials, some but not all. At some point, materials were located on a different drive or location. (new server meant new paths) The system would hang for each wrong path but it did not tell me there was a problem. every time I tried to open a library or search the system would hang for a couple minutes. I didn't know what the issue was until I tried to backup the user library, then the system reported the missing materials. I relocated the materials, changed the search file locations and if that didn't fix everything I just defaulted to using basic white. I can repair the library items if I run across the blocks that are missing the files.
  8. https://majicstairsinc.com/
  9. I am going to purchase the pro version. On a separate note, do you have a list of the mouse and space mouse defaults you use? Can they be downloaded or do we need to set them up ourselves? Thanks!
  10. I change the glass material. In rendering view the glass is clear, but on other views it is hatched.
  11. We got our policy with Lloyd's of London. pretty reasonable rates.
  12. Are there any video tutorials on this process? I guess I have always just used the "line defaults".
  13. Here are some other hazardous locations. Hope this helps.
  14. Maybe this will help. One of my standard details here in Oregon. The detail in the lower right is for "Wet" locations (inside or out). At dry locations the height may be 36" or a rail is installed 34 to 38 inches above the walking surface. You could also use a 3m film on the inside surface that provides a safety rating. EXAMPLE: 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety & Security Window Film. It looks like this would apply to the lower sash, not the entire window.
  15. Reaching out for Simpson Strong Tie. Thanks!
  16. I agree with this, but there is room for interpretation on the landings. As a plans examiner, I am looking for "minimums" since that is what the code is, (the minimum you can get away with under the law). As a designer I can, and do, ask for more. :-) With this in mind, I look at what minimum landing requirements are (usually 36" in the direction of travel and no less than the with of the stair provided, but it may be more in some cases) This makes sense if you have a 6' deep landing with a sloped ceiling. Do I have to maintain 6'-8" clear to the back of the 6'? What if there was a desk, bench or furniture placed there and I still have a legal landing even with furniture of built-ins there? The way I interpret the code is that you must maintain the 6'-8" clearance in the "walkable" area of the stair and out from the nosing of the stair (in the direction of travel) to the required landing depth. If my headroom area issue is in the stair itself, then I may (if possible) narrow the width of the stair so that all of the walkable area meets the required width and height. This may create a "shelf" along the stair to keep you out of the low headroom portion of the stair. The last issue is the headroom as you leave the landing and enter a room or hall. The minimum headroom may be increased and you have to look for beams, ducts etc that may encroach into that space. I like to add a dashed "clear floor" line to my plans just to make sure I have reviewed those problem areas. In my opinion, the design would not meet code, would feel uncomfortable, and more importantly, may be unsafe. In the end, the building official is the final authority in each jurisdiction. Attached is on of my standard "draft" details.
  17. Well, it is a macro, but I m not sure where I got it. I have purchased from Alaskan Son (great stuff) so maybe I got it from him. I have not had the time to learn how to create my own, but it is on my "to-do" list. If inches is okay then use the basic %width%x%height% Also, if the full name takes up too much space then use %type_code% instead of %type_name% for an abbreviated version. I don't know if this is also a purchased macro or if it comes with Chief.
  18. This is our setup (right or wrong). Same label but different options picked will show up differently.
  19. AND because this is still the same flight of stairs, the guard and handrails need to continue to the bottom. The biggest issue is indeed the inconsistency in the rise and run within a single flight of stairs.
  20. Would you feel comfortable sharing the submital drawings? I am getting hundreds of hours wrapped up in our CDs. Thanks.
  21. We have also used a ceiling plane. Chief really needs to address this.