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  1. Does anyone know what the text macro is for the Z: Position on the Note specification box? you can use %x_position% for X and %y_position% for Y But this doesn't work for Z, I tried %elevationf% used in the Elevation Point specification box. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know how to export terrain data, ie a point file, CSV or TXT, so I can load the data into my total station? I have a drawing with terrain elevation points at property corners, building corners, etc. Thanks
  3. The 2016 Cal. residential is 7 3/4" and 10" The 2016 Cal building code for commerical is 7" and 11".
  4. Thank you everyone, I had done this before and don't do it very often.
  5. I want to display both a schedule callout and written description. Example below. Is there a way to do this?
  6. Is there a way to have a window label associated to schedule and a written label displayed on the floor plan?
  7. Is there somewhere you can set the default sill plate material to something different than the default framing material?
  8. Mark, if you still need help I would be interested in sending you information regarding my experience in providing design and construction drawings to see if this fits what you are looking for. I have over 30 year experience working for Architects, engineers and home builders.  I am located in Oxnard, California.


    John Torres

    623 340-3093

    4836 Placidia 11-30-16-Layout.pdf

  9. Hi Mark,


    I am chief drafter with 6 years of work experience and having degree in civil engineering. And here I have attached my sample work for your consideration. %26 Barry.pdf?dl=0


    Please knock me if you think sometimes I can work for you. Thanks.

  10. We are beginning to design and produce construction drawings for victims of the Northern California Fires. We use Chief everyday and are well versed. We need help keeping up with finishing design and completed working drawings using our templates. We already have multiply clients and will be submitting our first plans next week. We will be looking to do 100 homes over the next 2 years and will need help for years. We are looking for a good partner or partners, we don't need perfection, but absolutely demand the job to be done when you say it will be done. We are a fast paced company looking for the same! Performance equals pay, name your price! Mark with Lake County Contractors
  11. Is anyone out there using Chief having it hosted on a cloud server? If so what has been your experience with it? How does it work? Any problems? Thanks Mark
  12. Text is not text, it is a well organized set of cad line that create letters. There are only two things in Chief: 3D and 2D. 2D objects do not show up in the model only on drawings. It just seems like it could be way easier. I don't want to spend all my time setting up annotations sets that most likely I will have to modify for some unique reason. Just treat text like a CAD object, when I change to electrical layer, any text I create from that point is placed on the electrical layer. I don't want to constantly being turning the text layer off!!! and you all know what I mean by this. Again just stimulating conversation!
  13. Text is not part of the model and therefore should not be treated that way. Text should be treated just like a cad line or any other cad object. Really simple way to fix it all, text is place on the current active cad layer! All text items, callouts, markers, leader lines and arrows, should be placed on the current active cad layer. You can still have all the flexibility of the annotation sets, but if you dont want it like I do just put it all on the current cad layer!
  14. X6 For some reason I am have problems with overlapping materials in perspective overviews. Its like underlying materials are bleeding through the roofing and siding. It doesn't happen if I look at it in elevation or in full camera. Any ideas?