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  1. I'd like the windows to have a grey shade (solid color) on them, like in the first image I posted. What I'm currently seeing is like below... the glass area is just white. This clip happens to be from a vector view, but I get the same thing in the line drawing view. The first image I posted is from AutoCAD, with a gradiant hatch applied to the windows. Is there any way to do this in Chief?
  2. Is there a way to create a shaded gradient (or even just a solid shade) on windows in an elevation view (using the "line drawing" style) like the image below?
  3. So does anyone know how to change this into inches? in my area, we use inches for the windows and doors on the plan. For example, my window states 2864FX and I need it to say 3276FX. This is how the window suppliers expect the plan to be sent in with. (Michigan) thank you CA 10X Thank you for any help!