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  1. Perry, Thanks for posting this. I have never noticed that option. Is it new in X9?
  2. We have (but don't use) Room Planner so I don't know how this might work for you but we recently purchased a Disto S910 (in the pro pack) and absolutely love it. You can use it like the lower cost Disto units but you can also use it like a simple theodolite total station for gathering data. We can do a quick as built or a basic survey. It can put each shot in live or create a dxf file with photos. I love the fact that I can measure any vertical or horizontal item from one spot on the ground. Example: we end up working in areas of Scenic Rivers or Landscape Management where we have to identify all ridge heights, chimneys, stove pipes, vents and satellite dishes on the home and the exact height from existing grade. We just did this last week on a home and also captured many architectural features a few inside measurements as well as basic topography, driveways, visible utilities, nature trail and property corners. It took one person about 75 minutes and no one had to get on a ladder. The accuracy is staggering, between 1/32" -1/4" at 1,000 feet. We have done 3 as-built drawings for remodel projects since getting this tool and it has move than paid for itself already. https://lasers.leica-geosystems.com/disto/s910 best deal I have found https://www.amazon.com/Leica-S910-Distance-Measurer-Measuring/dp/B00UP2WAFG
  3. Okay, I have tried to make a simple work around that would show up correctly in all views and still keep the garage slab in the materials list. This is what I have come up with but I could sure use some feed back from you power users who are much smarter than I am. I would copy this plan file (or the slab on it) to my level 0 (foundation) way off to the side and leave it on my new home plan/template. It is oversize so I can just stretch it around in plan view to match the size and shape of the garage and run the slab over the stemwall at all of the door openings. (We do not use mono slabs, only stemwall & footings.) Please let me know where I might be going wrong or could do this another way faster. Still wish Chief Architect would make this work WITHOUT the work around. GARAGE SLAB TEMPLATE.plan
  4. From what I have seen, Chief is the cleanest export and the 3ds is also the best version (from what I have tested).
  5. Go to the extensions website and look for a tool called "Clean Up". Try it out on a piece or an area first before trying the whole model (could take a long time on a big model). Works well (not perfect but well) and you don't need to explode everything. Hope this works for you.
  6. It is great that we can specify the number of trimmers but it is strange that they have no impact on the spacing from the corners. I would like to specify the distance from corners without messing up the casing.