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  1. I created a video for you to references, but it's actually easier than I thought it would be. The file is too large to post directly to Chief, so I've created I've added it to my google drive. The link is below. In the section of the video where I tell the arch to convert to polylines, it asks you how many segments you'd like. I choose 8 with an angle of 11.25 degrees (I pause for a second to show you this), but you can choose any number you want (within reason). The 11.25 degrees is important for the array section of the video, but if you choose another number like 6 for example you'll want to use that degree number instead (6 for example is 15 degrees) You will also notice at the end one of the segments gives me a little trouble. Chief doesn't seem like this connection and wants to break it. For some reason, it happens when I zoom out. It may be a glitch @ChiefArchitectwill want to address... however clicking 'undo' seems to rectify the issue. Google Drive - Rounded Interior Stairs Video
  2. OK - I figured out the curved stairs! Using all Stair tools
  3. Hey @KarenLF Wrapping is actually possible. I use it all the time with exterior deck stairs, but only recently realized how the interior stairs work. It looks like you have the overall concept down... however your stairs are shown overlapping - you don't to do this. Instead you'll want to make sure both stair segments are set up the same way. For my example I added in a set of stairs and adjusted it's properties. Then copied, pasted, and moved the copy into position. From there, I added in a landing using the landing tool. Chief wouldn't let me do it the normal way of just clicking at the top of the two steps. After that you can continue your run upwards. As for a bowed set of stairs - I haven't figured that one out yet and I'm not sure chief can do it. Stair Wrapping.mp4
  4. I just found myself in that same boat as I too wanted to clean up my catalogs Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to do it and 200 imported files later she's all clean As for duplicates. I tend to delete as I find them in my normal everyday use.
  5. ---------------- You'll need to specify in the room (or your default) where you want floor insulation to be shown. Then once you've selected that it should be 'auto detailed', it should show up in your material list. Material List - Floor Insulation.mp4
  6. When a dishwasher is placed in a cabinet, the whole cabinet becomes the appliance. For the look you show in your photos, you would need to place three individual cabinets. One 42" sink base, one 24" cabinet for the dishwasher, and one 18" 3Drawer. Although I'm not familiar with what you're trying to accomplish using one cabinet, in order to offset the appliance you'll need to adjust the whole cabinet that is acting like an object... Because of how chief adds the appliance centered in the cabinet, you'll have to do some finagling to get it to look closed off, and unfortunately, I'm not sure how to get the 2D plan to replicate the change we've just made. I would also like to point out that even though you've offset the appliance, you can't 'split' the cabinet face to add items beside it... Offset Dishwasher.mp4
  7. ----------- Because I have two 27" monitors or because my signature is obnoxiously huge and I don't know it? ha ha! Either way, UPGRADE I haven't tried painting them another color, but I suppose I could try that. I still want the plants to look like plants, just not washing out like they look sometimes with sun properties.
  8. Hey experts. I've lived in the past for too long, and the limitations with the PBR when it comes to 2D image plant files and a little free time has me trying to play around with the 3D Plant assets. That being said, I'm not a fan of how 'bright' some of the plants look when hit by sunlight, but nothing I do to adjust how they appear seems to make any difference. I notice that our plant files don't actually use Normal and Ambient Occlusion with limits the 'realism', but going into the material properties and choosing 'matte' and adjusting the diffuse to 10, 20, or 30% doesn't actually do anything to the image file that makes up the 3D plant. At least not that I can tell. Am I missing something - do you have any tips or tricks to make Chief's 3D plants works a little better, or should I just move on to the 3D marketplace and bring in new assets?
  9. Oh! I'm sorry, I missed that you were trying to open the file in 3D viewer. Yeah. 3D viewer is trash. It only allows 50MB, which is pretty low for what you would probably be showing to a client. The way I was able to get around this is by having the client download the 'trial version' of Chief. Then simply open your plans on their PC. You would need to export it all so everything opens for them OK though.
  10. Hey @jhoney @robdyckis correct. In order to the the wall to connect the way you'd like, it appears as though you need to adjust your wall layers. I would copy the wall you built then move your house wrap and air gap to the 'main layer' leaving only the brick as your exterior and interior layer. I recommend creating a copy of your original wall because adjusting the layers may ultimately push/ pull your walls away from where you had them unless you've changed your general wall default to lock a specific surface.
  11. Sounds silly, but check to make sure you aren't getting an error message like missing materials. These kind of messages pause the load.
  12. Spoke too soon. Even after the updated Driver I'm still getting the error and a crash.
  13. Oh! No. The graphic driver update seems to have helped. I do have other issues into them though that I'm hoping to resolve, like bay window issues for example.
  14. @ChiefArchitect - I'm sure your team is busy working on X15; is the beta closed? I emailed your team a few times with no response. Additionally - Can we expect an update to X14 anytime soon? There are a few items I've emailed you about that still need to be resolved. Thanks!
  15. I've recently updated my graphics card so I think it's tied to that... but is anyone else experiencing this issue error message? It's new to me, but when it comes up my X14 crashes. @ChiefArchitect - Any suggestions?
  16. ------------- Same. Maybe they were flooded with requests. I've since touched base to see if they still need testers.
  17. Like @robdyckmentioned; Chief is fairly accurate with modeling and ultimately the quantities you may need of something. If you set up a template a head of time with accurate pricing you could ultimately create a unique experience for clients where you could give them a general idea of cost and quantities. My concern comes with additions as Chief's poly-box material calculator makes me anxious as to what I'm actually including in the material list. I've done it a few times, just for general information but most contractors will/ should rely on their own take-offs for accurate buildability. At least that's my opinion. As a designer I will never take liability for a contractor's work.
  18. --------------- Both are essentially 'subscriptions', however. The biggest takeaway from this would be that under the first scenario your license is yours to keep and continue to use even after your stop resubscribing to the SSA. The second scenario is more expensive and also does not allow you to use the software if the subscription isn't paid. Consider your choice wisely. Keep in mind if you don't have a current SSA plan they are giving you the opportunity to reinstate (purchase) your SSA - this may require additional funds if you're out a few years.
  19. -------------- Hi @KristjanM what you've posted isn't quite right. I click on the FAQ link at the top and this is what I discovered: 'Yes free upgrades you receive as part of your legacy license SSA will continue as a perpetual (permanent) license.' - So with this I would assume in 4 years having paid my SSA continuously for that time my new perpetual license (theoretically) would be version X18. Meaning if I decided to no longer continue my SSA I'm stuck in X18.
  20. ------ Actually; Chief has a few tutorials you can reference about their raytracer. @SusanC has as screen grab of the vidoes I think we all recommend; but here's the link if you have trouble finding them: This one in particular may help you sort out the lighting: Keep in mind; if your graphics card doesn't have a 'raytracer' you'll be limited on how your images turn out. If this it he case your better option for renders is Chief's CPU renderer which takes a bit longer to complete but should give you a decent quality.
  21. --------------- Hey @para-CAD; when I first heard of the move I was thinking the same thing you are, but Chief seems to have explained that as long as we keep our SSA active things will continue to operate as they always have. We'll still be entitled to upgrades and support and receive perpetual license (permanently yours). It only changes if you don't continue your SSA. If your SSA goes delinquent/ you stop paying it, you'll have to sign up for Chief's new payment system which would be a yearly subscription. That license would NOT be yours permanently. The only other question is - will SSA stay the same as it has been or will there also be an increase to that cost. So - basically we'll need to keep our SSAs current which ultimately make its a 'subscription', just one with less consequences. I for one don't mind 'having to pay' the SSA as long as I get a permanent license out of it. Subscription software's seem unethical to me. @DavidJames - These subscriptions have been around for a while, and I can't say I've seen the 'discounts' ever really expire; but yes it could get tricky if they do.
  22. -------------------- Hey there! This is a layers issue. Something I wish @ChiefArchitect would address in future released. It would be awesome, to have the ability to offset walls in specific applications. One wall type I often run into is the split wall for a walk-out for example. Concrete at the base and framed siding but the way I have my typical framed siding wall set up the 'align main layers' will put the exterior face of my framing in line with the concrete; which isn't how we build it here in Illinois (we typically build with the exterior face of the plywood aligned with the exterior face of the concrete wall.) Because of this, I have to create a copy of my 2x framing siding wall and move the plywood down, into the 'main layer' category'. Creating a copy makes sure my other walls build the way I want them to and don't get adjusted per the new walls perimeters. The align main layer function will then work properly. Although your situation is a little different, I wonder if it's a similar situation with your wall layers.