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  1. -------------- My Solution is to use two cabinets, but requires you turn off the 'Create Automatic Blind Corner Cabinets' option. I am unaware of another way to keep Chief from wanting to fill in the interacting surfaces. Check out the video below. Open Corner Cabinet.mp4
  2. ------------- Short answer - Yes. Long answer it's annoying. @ChiefArchitect should start giving us more freedom when it comes to construction elements. Obviously limitations are important to keep building 'accurate', but things like sill sizes shouldn't have limitations. My solution for this is to create a custom molding. You'll need to make sure your wall is built correctly first. I quickly created a 2x8 wood stud w/ stucco exterior (3" thick stucco) wall for this example. Adjust your layers and thicknesses if you need the window to be recessed deeper. Each molding you create to use as a sill will need to be adjusted to the correct height you need first. I am unaware of away to adjust the height of a sill while inside the window dialog box. For my example I created a angled molding that was 24" tall and 4" at the base. Although you can't adjust the height of the sill, you can adjust it's recess so If you make it deeper than your exterior finish you should be able to recess it as needed. Once you've created the shape you need, simply add it to your library and name it. From there you can open the window dialog box and select your new molding from the library under the sill option. The benefit to doing it this way is the molding is then in your library to be used on any windows you have in your plan. (Sorry for the poor quality, I had to save it in 480P) Custom Sill.mp4
  3. From what I understand, and please correct me if I'm wrong. The Change in January will ultimately put us in the same payment system as other software like Adobe and AutoCAD, where one must continue to pay a subscription fee yearly in order to use the software. If the account goes unpaid/ delinquent - the software is locked and can't be accessed. ---- Question ---- With our current SSA subscription the terms stated we would have access to any upgrades while in our SSA for the year, i.e. when X15 is released I can upgrade 'for free' because my SSA is current. My SSA doesn't expire until September of 2023. If X15 comes out in that timeframe will this be a permanent upgrade for me (like it has been for pervious versions) or will I be forced into the new yearly payment system?
  4. Hey @stevenyhof I apologize if you've already received your answer. If I'm understanding correctly; you're trying to create a custom object that you can then use as a shutter on your windows using the shutter feature in the window itself. If so, simply building the object and adding it to your library may not be enough. You'll need to create it as a 'symbol' first. Luckily the newer version of Chief have made this much easier. Once the object is made, Block it together, then simply right click the blocked object and in the dropdown select 'convert selected to symbol'. It doesn't matter what you import it as (there use to be a specific shutter option), but once it's imported as a symbol you can access it in the window dialog box as a shutter.
  5. Hey Experts. I'm trying to rearrange a cabinet schedule so all base cabinets are together, all wall cabinets are together and all tall cabinets are together. I can't seem to find a way to tell the schedule to do this - is it possible? I know you can move items individually in the schedule.
  6. If you've used every avenue of the software for at least a few years, You probably don't need to do much studying. They did throw something at me that I don't often use which is plat line specifications. Normally I import a PDF of the Plat, scale it, then trace the perimeter... so I had to teach my self pretty quickly how it's done while nearing the end of my 4 hours they give you for the exam. Overall. It wasn't too difficult, but be sure to read and reread what they are asking you for. Some of it wasn't written very clearly.
  7. Hi @stager386 You and I are living similar lives. I had the same though and recently took the CA certification. If you have your SSA it's really not that expensive, and you get a retake if you 'fail'. The 'exam' was relatively straight forward too, but they need an update in my opinion. I took my exam a few months ago with X13, but I'm fairly certain the plan I needed to duplicate were from X5 or older. Either way - it can't hurt.
  8. Gotcha! Yeah I run into that issue with layers when I try to delete a layer I no longer want to use. It would be great to know where it's tied to.
  9. I also use Google Drive. I have a suite account which gives me 2TB of storage with my monthly plan. I will warn you. Google Drive won't work with the safety options available with Chief Architect stopping you from opening a plan while someone else is in it. So you'll want to communicate thoroughly with your new employee on who's in what plan and when.
  10. @TopagnaOverlookI'm not sure I understand your question. You should be able to just open up the wall you want to change by double clicking on the wall then going to wall type and then define. Or if you have a wall schedule set up, you could access the wall by right clicking the wall schedule and opening the object in schedule.
  11. Try copying the attic walls that are cut by roof into a duplicate of the wall, but mark it Partition.
  12. I've also come from a background using Softplan. I was in that world for three years. It runs very similar to ChiefArchitect. Neither are without issues. Recently we hired someone who comes from a REVIT background. As I have been teaching him Chief nearly every other sentence from his mouth is; 'wow, Revit make doing that a bit more complicated'
  13. We build all of our second story addition over existing ceilings this way. We've always just thickened up the floor structure in Chief, but I would love a way to change the direction of floor and ceiling joists so they aren't stacked running the same direction. We don't always run then perpendicular to the ceiling, but sometimes we do. The reason we don't sister is the added floor structure allows for HVAC and plumbing with ease. I know this thread is old, but has anyone found a solution?
  14. Hi @ChristinaW In order for the attic to be usable space, it needs to be built like a floor. So your plan will tech have '3 floors' Once you've accomplished that it's a matter of forcing your roof to sit at the correct plate height (AKA - the second floor wall height) Once you've done that Chief should understand what you're trying to do. I'm not entirely sure why it's not building the attic wall for you now, it should be; but it's hard to know without seeing the plan file.
  15. This has been an issues for as long as I've used Chief. It's unfortunate an frustrating. It seems to happen for my team more when they have 'custom' buttons or toolbars active. I've been able to restore them by importing the tool bar again, although it doesn't always work. Back with version 10.08 we use to have to make a copy of the toolbars folder, rename the old toolbars folder as something else, then paste the copies version back into the main folder in order to get them to re-establish. (C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X13) or in your case X12. Good luck!
  16. Without access to the file it might difficult to know exactly what you happened. My first stop would be to check your materials under the 'materials' area of the wall dialog box. Perhaps you accidentally painted the exterior material with a transparent finish - like Glass?
  17. Hey Experts. I need to create a framing plan, but when I 'build framing' it's showing everything including the existing structure. What is your tip on only showing what's new? Thanks so much!
  18. Google actually has an add on, but I use Screen-o-matic. The free version allows up to 30 mins of recording time.
  19. It worked great in X13; but ha been 'broken' along the way. Chief released a new update, I think Friday that resolves the flooring issue you have there... They still need to work out the kinks of the header when the bay intrudes into a porch area though.
  20. Nice! Would love a link to the actual 3D warehouse file! If you import it as a 'molding' instead of a fixture, you can use it as a 3D molding. Rock Wall Molding.mp4
  21. Hey Gene, As long as you have your terrain elevations set the way you wan them, you can use the 'Polyline distribution region' tool and use Chief's 3D rocks You can layer distribution regions ontop of each other with different stones in each to get a more unique look. Finding someone on 3D warehouse is always a good idea too.
  22. Hey Gene, Can you open the appliance/ door/ drawer/ option by clicking on Specify. Then for the top and bottom overlay change that to 3/4"?
  23. 2D plants can show shadows, just not in PBR (apparently). Turning off Refractions does resolve the image files not showing up through a window, but does not seem to help with Shadows. This is something Chief says they are 'working on resolving'
  24. For something like that the 'easiest' way to get it to at least look the way you need is with Polysolids. It looks flat on two sides, so opening an elevation and drawing it with a polysolid would get you the look quickly. If all the sides need to slope, you could also build it using walls up to where it begins to angle in and draw a molding polyline around it and having the poly line be some kind of angled molding. You can create one pretty quickly on you floor plans and add it to your library. I created quick, be it sloppy, video for you to see how to create a custom molding. Custom Shaped Chimney.mp4
  25. Chief says it's a known issue and they are working on it, but they gave a similar option to what you recommended. My issue with it, is a lack of 'glass' texture in windows would take away from the realism. I can use 3D plants to accomplish the look as well, but most of my planting beds are saved using Image files. I would just need to take time to update the beds w/ 3D items, which is just annoying more than anything. I suppose my biggest grip with it, is it seemed to work fine in other versions, but X14 is really struggling.