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  1. Changing it to zero would make all fractions go away; which it does.
  2. I checked the 'rounding' it's set to a value of 1/8" and each cabinet is an exact width (3" increments)... Even if I try to move the wall to the dimension I want (10'-6"), Chief says it's 10'-6" in the dimension dialog; but the dimension keeps saying it's 10'6.125". I ended up overwriting the text so it read correctly, but something strange is definitely happening. I have also submitted a ticket to chief.
  3. Hey folks - has anyone experienced a random 1/8" being added to your dimension strings? No matter what I do to try to adjust the dimensions it keeps adding in 1/8" to my dimensions. What's even more strange is when I try to adjust the dimension to 10'6" even, and click on the dimension that says 10'6.125" chief is telling me it is actually 10'6". I've tried moving the connections, moving the walls... and nothing changes.
  4. Hmm. So you have the original Zip or file image that came with the model? I found a few paddle boards on 3D ware house that have a similar issue. Chief doesn't want to import the image file - I think because the image file attached has an inch symbol in the name ("). After opening the file in SKP and adjusting some thing I was finally able to import a model that kept the texture intact. It's not exactly the model you wanted, but you're welcome to it. PaddleBoard.calibz
  5. Chief's official response: The issue existed in X15 as well, so hopefully there is a fix for it.
  6. I thought the same thing, but I checked all the perimeters. Chief originally said it had something to do with the windows and the roof not liking how they are interacting with it, but the roof in question is above the windows and I've never had windows cause this problem before.
  7. Hey Experts; this one has me stumped. I've tried all my tricks to get it to come back and I'm coming up roses. I messaged chief and they said it had something to do with the 'bearing line' and the windows... and he shared a video where he pulled it back to the inside of the framing (not something I typically do) and in their video it worked; but when I tried it - no go... Thoughts?
  8. Could be a graphics card issue - although I'm not 100% certain. How old is your setup - is your graphic card up to date?
  9. Chief replied. They didn't understand my question to begin with, but now does: Chief's response: To do so: 1. Go to Edit>Default Settings>Walls>Pony Wall and click Edit 2. Go to the Wall Types Panel 3. Change the Display of Openings in Non-Displayed Parts of Walls to either Outline or Hide and click OK.
  10. I thought that too. No matter what I do with the window the lower wall is still 'cut'.
  11. I think this is an issue we've had for a long while, but in the case where I have a window in the upper portion of a pony wall, it is showing a break in my lower wall as well; even though the lower wall isn't being 'broken' by the window. I have the walls shown as 'upper wall and lower wall outline' I really don't want to have to draw a line each time I need this cleaned up. I contacted support but their response wasn't all that helpful.
  12. I think the only way the stairs will 'wrap through is if the are connected with a 'landing'. Because they are split by a floor they won't connect. You can achieve a similar look by adding in a railing where they should connect or use the 3D molding tool and align them custom.
  13. We use 2020 DESIGN which is a cabinet design software to handle all of our orders - that said; we haven't upgraded out system in over 10 years because their current product is subscription based and costs thousands to 'lease' each year. The older version was a buy once and it's yours model. We get our catalogs from the manufacturers we buy from, but they also have 'blank catalogs' you can custom tailor for your own use. If you can get your hands on an old version of 2020 like vs. 10.3 this might be able to speed up your process, but ultimately - if working with the cabinets schedules works for you, getting faster at Chief may be a better option. If you find you're using the same 'cabinet builds' for multiples projects (eg - accessories) create a custom catalog in your chief library to pull from. At least this will keep you from having to duplicate work in the future.
  14. I've done it a few ways. 1) Decide what your time is worth (example $100/ hour), then review their request and using projects you worked on in the past create an 'estimate' of time. 20 hours = $2,000 Don't forget a little fluff. 2) Create a retainer system for your clients. Explain to them that you 'think' it'll be 'x' amount of hours; but will start the work for a specific amount; let's say $500 to start the work.. When the $500 has been used up based on your value of time (again $100/hour or w.e.). Allow the client to see your progress and request additional funds to complete the work. I use this method a lot for new clients.
  15. Check out 3D warehouse. Some models aren't great; but you might find something worth using there washing&searchTab=model More often than not I build my own using cabinets & shower components.
  16. Hey Randy. My company has issues with our Chief printing line weights correctly - sometimes in PDF format and sometime directly to the Plotter. What we have had to do instead is 'export' the layout as a PDF then print to the plotter. I don't know the magic that's involved, but this appears to resolve the issue. Maybe @ChiefArchitectcan give us some insight. The issue has persisted since X13 for us.
  17. @Suggestions Great ask - You give us the option to flatten the top; why not give us the same option for the bottom?
  18. I remember this being an issue back in the day. Chief advised us to do the same with infinite scroll (turn it off); @distinctconcepts - can you try using a different mouse?
  19. Runs fine on my PC; however, I did notice you had 'use backdrop image when available' turned off under the physics based rendering options. As for the interior render issue - I can't replicate the problem. Sorry.
  20. Hey @KilianDraftingAre you accidentally changing between layer (annotation) sets? The folks I work for often have issues with their designers accidentally changing an annotation set (mine are custom sets btw - so they will look different than out of the box). These sets can be changed by hovering your mouse over the drop down (not clicking) and scrolling with your mouse scroll which is typically how their designers accidentally change the view on their screen - causing chaos! ha ha. Annotation Sets 07.23.mp4
  21. I haven't used x10 in quite sometime and I no longer have it installed on my PC; but in X14 there is an option for the object to be scaled and even use the plan view scale I know this isn't much help given it's four versions near than what you're using, but I'm not sure when they implemented this change - so maybe there is a shot it's in X10 too?
  22. @DIYJon If I'm understanding your request correctly - you can absolutely have a pony wall structure that is built with a concrete lower half and framed upper half. The 'railing' heights can be modified just like a pony wall. The same thing can be achieved with the fence as well - although doing this will turn the fence into a 'railing'
  23. @shingabiss The only way I was able to get it to look correctly was to use a "material region", which I drew over the entire floor and notched out the section over the stairs. I thought perhaps it was a framing issue so I tried turning off the framing inside the walls - no luck. Next I tried to make the materials for the wall 'air gap' - No luck there either. I'll keep playing around with it, but for now - try using 'material region' and see if it gives you the look I was able to achieve. Note: I'm currently using X14 for this example. The best approach would be to turn your interior walls to partition. This will keep them from cutting through the floor. Your model has some errors in it; so when you do this you may still see the floor being cut at the closet just inside the front bedroom. This is because your floor in this one closet is higher than the rest of the floor on the second floor.
  24. Eh - I'm not sure you're allowed to 'share' 2020's licensed textures. I'm not 100% certain, but you may want to look into this.