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  1. I remember this being an issue back in the day. Chief advised us to do the same with infinite scroll (turn it off); @distinctconcepts - can you try using a different mouse?
  2. Runs fine on my PC; however, I did notice you had 'use backdrop image when available' turned off under the physics based rendering options. As for the interior render issue - I can't replicate the problem. Sorry.
  3. Hey @KilianDraftingAre you accidentally changing between layer (annotation) sets? The folks I work for often have issues with their designers accidentally changing an annotation set (mine are custom sets btw - so they will look different than out of the box). These sets can be changed by hovering your mouse over the drop down (not clicking) and scrolling with your mouse scroll which is typically how their designers accidentally change the view on their screen - causing chaos! ha ha. Annotation Sets 07.23.mp4
  4. I haven't used x10 in quite sometime and I no longer have it installed on my PC; but in X14 there is an option for the object to be scaled and even use the plan view scale I know this isn't much help given it's four versions near than what you're using, but I'm not sure when they implemented this change - so maybe there is a shot it's in X10 too?
  5. @DIYJon If I'm understanding your request correctly - you can absolutely have a pony wall structure that is built with a concrete lower half and framed upper half. The 'railing' heights can be modified just like a pony wall. The same thing can be achieved with the fence as well - although doing this will turn the fence into a 'railing'
  6. @shingabiss The only way I was able to get it to look correctly was to use a "material region", which I drew over the entire floor and notched out the section over the stairs. I thought perhaps it was a framing issue so I tried turning off the framing inside the walls - no luck. Next I tried to make the materials for the wall 'air gap' - No luck there either. I'll keep playing around with it, but for now - try using 'material region' and see if it gives you the look I was able to achieve. Note: I'm currently using X14 for this example. The best approach would be to turn your interior walls to partition. This will keep them from cutting through the floor. Your model has some errors in it; so when you do this you may still see the floor being cut at the closet just inside the front bedroom. This is because your floor in this one closet is higher than the rest of the floor on the second floor.
  7. Eh - I'm not sure you're allowed to 'share' 2020's licensed textures. I'm not 100% certain, but you may want to look into this.
  8. Hey @DougDM @rgardner's method works great. The only issue is the door types you have access to are a bit limited in terms of it looking correct. In this example I used a panel door bottom and a glass panel door on the top. I then turned off my hardware on the top portion of the door and mulled them together.
  9. @Renerabbitt Perhaps I'm a bit OCD, but I prefer my items to be cataloged in a specific way. I don't want to see EVERYTHING in my imported folder as I click through it. That being said, yes I do prefer to click on the previews instead of the drop down carrot. I suppose we work differently because I disagree that the drop down is faster. I'm a visual person and would prefer to look at an item and click it instead of having to read through a list of folder to find the right one, then read through another list of folders and eventually a list of items. Over the 14 years of using chief I've always done it one way - through the preview and I would appreciate it greatly if I could continue to work this way. It's how I design 5-8 models a day.
  10. No. This is only about search capabilities but does not help with the overall appearance of the library window. Thanks though.
  11. @Renerabbitt I fear the issue may have been that not everyone works the same way as users @ChiefArchitectmay have requested feedback from. I've discussed my issue with the catalogs countless times - specifically regarding my subfolders and them not showing up appropriately. I don't always use 'search' to find my items, but the search is funky now and was just one example. Sometimes I just know where to look for the items I need and how X15 organizes them is not conducive to how I'm use to working with Chief Architect. Example: X14 I use to be able to go to my custom user catalog and see my subfolders and dig deeper from there. However, in X15 when you click on a 'main folder' it shows everything in that folder instead of my organized subfolders: It doesn't matter if it's in tile mode or list mode. Both suck. I might be trying to get to my custom vehicle catalog for example. X15 has eliminated the ease of being able to click on my subfolder while still being in my CustomUser Catalogs subfolder... Let's say I can get past this and ignore this annoyance fine - when I click on the CustomUser Vehicle folder - again it doesn't show me my subfolders for this file and instead shows me EVERYTHING that's in the folder. X15: So If I wanted to get my 'ford' folder, I can't do this directly in the second panel which is now 'filtered results' anymore (I can in X14). I have to select each folder directly - this is annoying. X14: I understand the need to be able to directly connect to the cloud now that it's a yearly subscription service; but there has to be a way to give us a platform that works how we're use to it working with a more powerful search feature for people who use search for everything.
  12. I'm with you @raltd9245 The new library layout/ organization has truly set me back when it comes to my ability to develop a project quickly. I spend way more time now than I ever had to to find the objects I would typically use. For example. Type in 'gas range' and in X14 this was at the top of the list: Now when you type gas range it's at least 30 items down the list and the first thing on said list is my imported object "800 series Gas Rangetop 36" followed by the apartment gas range, and a ton of the subzero/ wolf cooktops (doesn't even say range in the object names) Additionally, all of my imported items are categorized and placed in specific folders for me to be able to find. Now those subfolders are useless as Chief doesn't show individual content anymore. Pretty lame and I'm hoping for a dramatic redesign in X16 @ChiefArchitect
  13. In X14 I relied heavily on the CPU raytracer, only because the PBR has issues with shadows not showing up from 2D plants but they do show up with CPU render, so in that regard CPU worked perfectly especially if you add in corrected sun properties and turn off the lights in the home when you run daytime renders. That being said, in X15 I started using 3D plants more - although the texture files the plants come with need to be modified by @ChiefArchitectbecause they come off really "bright" when the "sun" hits them. The grass tool is one of my favorites because it adds another layer of realism to the design, except - grass doesn't load in the CPU render. At least it didn't the last time I tried it; so I'm forced to use PBR.
  14. I had issues with X14 when painting the deck. Doing so made the deck planks disappear. It doesn't sound like this is your issue directly, but perhaps it's related?
  15. @rlackore - yep, pretty much my solution too. I wasn't sure if there was a way to tell Chief to push the floor below the footing; would be great to incorporate this into a future build @ChiefArchitect
  16. Hey experts. Here in Chicagoland we do a lot of dig downs to create a better head height for basements that were built short. I have my work arounds to show this properly, but I've always wondered if there is a better way. So - how would you tell chief to do this? Thanks in advance!
  17. There is a teacher here in Illinois that is teaching it at Harper Collage (not a high school, as you asked). I'm not sure I am thrilled with the 'teaching' they are doing though as we've hired a few from the class and well... they aren't really prepared for real life applications.
  18. You'll want a pretty decent graphics card if you are wanting to run raytraces. I built my PC with A few years ago my system cost $2400 delivered; not sure what it would cost today - but it's pretty OP.
  19. Hmmm. I've run into this before, but not recently. It could be caused by a few issues. Lighting. If the lights you are using aren't set up correctly with the correct lighting properties or the materials in the lighting aren't transparent. Your lighting isn't actually in the room. It would require you to change the defaults of ceiling mounted lights etc. but if you lighting is inside your ceiling it may be trying to light the space but is passing through the ceiling material. You have an object in your room that Chief doesn't like. I know it sounds odd, but I built 3D versions of roll trays for my clients so they look authentic. If I forget to remove them from a corner unit, for example, I get a similar raytrace (in PBR). I would make sure your graphics card is up to date. Some of my designers have issues with elevations if their AMD graphics card is out of date. It really is difficult to know without the file. Perhaps you could create a google drive link and share it with the group?
  20. Although I'm not a PC buff when it comes to builds, I did just recently have to replace my AIO cooling system which sounds similar to a system you're using. (liquid cooled - three fans; but have a total of 9 fans in the case) You may want to look at your cooling system to see if it's functioning correctly. I only do GPU renders for exteriors when I have used the old '2D' plants that don't cast shadows in PBR @ChiefArchitect- looking at you (still) for a resolution on this. That said my unit actually dropped my temp by 3 degrees Celsius when I kicked on the render. (dropping from 35 degrees to 32 degrees) I'm thinking your cooling system is defective. In any case - if you can you really should be using the PBR more. It really is above and beyond the old method of rendering.
  21. Hey @Ange822 This is an issue with PBR's refractions. I run into it all the time when I try to do a PBR on a room and have used 2D plants on the exterior. They won't show up through the glass. It's an issue @ChiefArchitecthas been asked about (at least from me); so I'm hoping for a solution soon. If you turn off 'refractions' in your PBR settings I'm sure it'll come through, but it won't look as 'nice and realistic'
  22. @ChiefArchitect; I tried that and it didn't work as I need it to. Your support team told me I should square up my ends in order to get the sharp angle to go away. I did this and it works visually, but I don't think it's accurate in an 'actual buildable' manner.
  23. @Smn842 - the subfolder checked does allow me to see the items once I've clicked the subfolder, but the preview doesn't help unless I want to scroll through everything I have in that folder. @ChiefArchitect This is how X14 works. When I click on the folder under my Customuser Catalog for example, I can see the two folders I've created for my work flow. Interior and exterior materials in this example. This is X15: It shows me everything in the folder and is incredibly annoying.
  24. It just doesn't work. Please @ChiefArchitect - tell us you're coming up with a fix You can see as I try to see what's in each folder without having to click into it, nothing happens. When I click on a folder, I should see all subfolders, then when I click on a subfolder, I should see all object inside that subfolder. Annoying Library.mp4
  25. Hey @RookiePete If I'm understanding correctly, you're wanting to add multiple appliances to one tall cabinet (For example) and have those appliances show through into the schedule? My set up a little different than default as I've already created CAD details for my schedules and listed them accordingly, so that step won't apply to you... but what I have noticed with some of the manufacturer catalogs is, they forgot to check the correct schedule in their model information so you'll have to do that yourself if you notice they aren't showing up in the schedule. You'll noticed after I add the warming draw it shows up in my schedule, but the AWD double oven does not. I have to open that object specifically to correct the missing schedule. I'm using X15 at the moment, but the multiple appliance feature was available for a few versions prior. Multiple Appliance Cabinets.mp4