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  1. Perry, I put a stopwatch to your video to check the speed and while it is difficult to tell exactly when you started I did an average of 3 different timings on each version and found that X7 is about a half second faster than X6 in your video. I timed X7 at ~6.4 seconds and X6 at ~6.95 seconds. In looking at the issue with the camera not disappearing as quickly, I do see the problem but it almost looks like this might be a perception issue. In X6 the screen would actually blink\flash and go blank briefly when closing the view. In X7 we got rid of the screen flash so the camera is on screen longer but the time for the view to actually close seems to be about the same. As for the saving issue as Doug as said, it does seem likely this is related to something on your system as we have not been able to reproduce the issue. So far your case is the only one I know of where saving is slow,. If anyone else is seeing this please let us know. Thanks.
  2. We just released an update with fix that should resolve the issue some of you are seeing on certain video cards. Go to Help>Download Program Updates to get the new patch. Once you have it installed let us know if it fixed the issue or not. Thanks
  3. Ben, I have tried to reproduce this in a simple test plan and I have not been able too. I tested 4 different 3rd party PDF printers plus the Chief Save as PDF funtion and could not reproduce these results. I currently do not have Adobe or PDF Factory though. Could you please send this plan into support along with any steps needed to reproduce the problem? Thanks
  4. We have been working on a fix for this issue, but it didn't make it into the pubic beta release. Printing should be much faster in the official release.
  5. Mick, In order to get the Beta you will need to click the upgrade button that is located just below your X6 license in your Digital Locker. See attached image
  6. If you are seeing X7 in your Locker then it is the correct Public Beta version.
  7. Wanted to let you guys know that we are actively looking into various methods to reduce the amount of spam be posted to the forums. We should have something in place very soon. For now we will continue deleting the posts as we see them.
  8. We are looking into this issue and will see what we can do to resolve it. As Rich mentioned for now the forum frequently auto saves your post content as you are typing. If you click the button in the lower left corner of the posting window you will be able tor retrieve your information.
  9. Thanks everyone for confirming that fixed the issue. We will hopefully be able to get the problem resolved in a future update so you can have the large icons and no blinking.
  10. Try this: Go into Edit>Preferences and on the General panel uncheck "Scale Toolbar Icons for High DPI." Once you have done that let us know if you still see the problem. Thanks
  11. Richard, What we really need is just an image showing your entire Chief window so we can see the location of all your toolbars and Side Windows(library,project browsers...etc). If you are using Windows 7 you can using the Snipping tool included with the OS to do this.
  12. Sorry for not being specific. We just need a screen shot of what your entire Chief screen looks like before or after the problem occurs. What we are looking at is how have you screen laid out.
  13. For those of you that are seeing this problem, could you post a screen shot of what you entire Chief window looks like? Thanks
  14. You should now be able to upload calibz files to the forums without zipping them. We missed adding this to the allowed attachment types when we switched over to the new forums.
  15. The problem seems to be with building wall framing. Turn off Automatically Build wall framing and the plan goes back to working at reasonable speed. We will look into this and see if we can figure out why it is so slow in this particular plan.
  16. Thanks Pam! We are now able to reproduce the problem when following the steps you outlined. We should hopefully be able to get this resolved in a future update now that we can reproduce the issue.
  17. Yes, you may need to clear your cache in order to get the updated information. Pressing CTRL+F5 in your browser is a quick way to achieve this.
  18. Sorry about that. It was a mistake on our end. It should be working correctly now.
  19. Search engines like google frequently crawl websites in order to gather data to improve search results when searching their sites. You can search google now and results from this forum will come up. We have now turned off the display of search engine crawlers in the active members list so you shouldn't them any more.
  20. Bill, Not sure what is happening there. You will probably want to contact support so we can review your account and review the logs and see if we can determine the cause. I also edited the image you attached since it contained your product key. You probably don't want that available to the public.
  21. I have adjusted the minimum width of the site so it should now look a little better when viewed at a low resolution
  22. Joe, If at the end of the year we feel like there is still value in the archived old forum and our users are telling us that there is then we can re-evaluate that cut off date. It is definitely not set in stone.
  23. Joe, You will still be able to access and read the content on the old forum. New content however will be created on this new forum. If for instance you wanted to ask a question about a post on the old forum you could add a link to that post in your new thread on the new forum along with your question.
  24. You are correct the old posts will not be migrated to the new forum. They will however be available in an "archived" read only state for some time. You can find some more information on this here: