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  1. Thank you!!! I hunted down the light that I had toggled "on" and turned it off. It was driving me crazy. Chris
  2. In one of my current models (X10), I've managed to turn on display of a sun angle reference in all of my camera views. Where's the toggle to turn that off? Here's an example- it's on the left side in the door. Thanks!! Chris Allen Austin, TX
  3. I'm attempting to master the new Physically Based rendering technology and getting mixed results so far. Very cool new stuff, but it's not easy to figure out the lighting (just like most other rendering tools). I can get a room to look pretty good, but the white ceiling is showing up very dark. Any suggestions?? Thanks!! Chris Allen architect Austin, TX
  4. Hi all- Long time since I've been here!!! I just upgraded from X9 to X10 and have been having fun trying to figure out the new Physically Based Rendering engine. Very cool, though I'm struggling to make rooms bright enough so far... I watched a video from CA on Physically Based Rendering, and was wowed one of the details in the tutorial model- real looking books on shelves. Does anyone know how this was done?? The books look pretty amazing. Here's the video link: And I've attached a screen grab from the video to show the books. Thanks in advance!! Chris Allen architect Austin, TX
  5. Update- Got a reply from Tech Support. They isolated the lag issue to a stone texture I used in my exterior walls (from the Coronado Stone library). I'm playing with it now, and they may have found the issue. I'll let y'all know if this fix doesn't work. Chris
  6. I've been working with tech support this morning. Started a new project in X7 this week and have been experiencing delays when in 3d view waaay beyond what I'm accustomed to in X6. Edits that force a rebuild floors/walls take 5-10 seconds to appear on screen, where in X6 they were nearly instantaneous. I'm running a very high-end system (specs below), so this is a surprise. No clues from tech support so far, but if speed is your thing, it might be wise to avoid early-adopting X7 for now. Chris Allen Austin, TX GX2-W Silver - Velocity Micro Classic Aluminum Case - Full Sized chassis with side window (-$20.00) Wheel Kit Aluminum Wheel Kit - Aluminum wheels make your case easy to move, with lock (Incompatible with QX case) Power Supply 850 Watt Bronze 80+ Power Supply (+$75.00) Case Lights None Motherboard Asus® P9X79 LE Motherboard Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4930K processor, hexa 3.4GHz cores, 12MB Cache with Hyper Threading (+$380.00) CPU Cooling Intel® Certified High Performance Heatsink DDR3 Memory 16GB DDR3-1600MHz (2 x 8GB) Video Card 2GB EVGA™ NVIDIA® GTX760 GDDR5 video card Video Tuning Advanced 3D Video Performance Tuning, Optimization, and Overclocking Monitor None Audio On-Board Integrated High Definition 7.1 Channel Sound Speakers None Hard Drive 1 250GB Samsung® EVO 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive Hard Drive 2 1TB 7200rpm SATA 600 with 64MB Cache Optical Drive 1 24x Asus® DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Burner Black Optical Drive 2 None High Definition Media Software None