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  1. Turning off the undo didn't improve the performance. I'm thinking it has something to do with the number of layout boxes referring to the plan....
  2. I am seeing this type of lag with a layout file open, as well. 8-10 seconds to relocate a window label. Less than a second with the layout file closed. I do have a few live views in the layout, but not any more than I usually have, and the slow down is substantially greater than I have seen before the last release. It's not limited to one project either, I'm seeing a lag across the board.
  3. Happens to me, too. I reported the bug, but haven't been able to narrow it down to a point where I can accurately reproduce the bug.
  4. Thanks for your help, Michael. I think you've confirmed my suspicion. I've tried importing defaults and annosets, but those particular settings don't come across. I'll send in a feature request.
  5. I have the story pole dimension defaults set up the way I want in my templates, and I would like to export them from my template plan and import into another plan. Anyone know if there's a way?
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Glad I saw this before I updated - I will wait!
  7. Here's the response I received from support: Hi Steve, Thank you for sending me the backed up plan file and for bringing this to our attention. I was able to duplicate the behavior you describe and I will be sending this to our developers so that they can work to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution for you at this time. Chief Architect Technical Support
  8. Thanks Perry. I may start dialing in some grayscale settings...
  9. I can see what you're saying. I'm not totally opposed to that, but I like having different fill colors (rather than different shades) for different wall types because I can quickly see and differentiate between wall types in plan view. I tend to double click the plan in layout view to enter into the desired layerset for detailing. If it is set up with everything as a shade of gray in the layerset, I think it would slow productivity a bit, not having color to aid in quickly differentiating between joists, trusses, roof plane edges, etc. I know that can be handled by changing the layer/annoset once in the plan, but it adds another step to the process. Perry and Larry - are you using a different layer/annoset for working in the plan, than presentation view in the layout?
  10. There it is. I didn't realize it was changed back in X6.
  11. I think they may have changed the verbiage in X7. I'm seem to remember the "Print Images in Color", too.
  12. Spot on, Glenn. I have the settings exactly as you have, and everything looks great - right down to the preview...but when it saves the .pdf file, the .jpg files come out grayscale. Did you print the files you posted running Chief X7 Build
  13. Brian - I submitted the plan through the Online Support Center. Thanks for your help!