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  1. Kirk, So you're saying that in order to embed either the 360 Pano or 3D Viewer into another site we'd have to use other software? I'm just wondering as I'd like to work with realtors to get them 3D Viewer files that they could embed into their MLS websites. The problem is...they're not going to want to change code every time in order to do this. It would be super cool if there was a way to either copy the link to go to chiefarchitect.com or else select "Embed", and it would copy what was needed to embed it for them. I guess the more I think about it...they might have to change code anyways...hmmmmm......
  2. Sorry Rob, been out due to personal issues. Glad I could help in some way!
  3. I'm guessing the reason for the mouse zoom is because of 3D>Camera View Options>Perspective Crop Mode. Turn it on and it will zoom like it used to in X7. If it's turned off, it will physically move the camera forward and backwards.
  4. You guys are welcome... Personally I would like to see the Ambient Occlusion be adjustable so it doesn't come so far out of the corner..rather than changing the "transparency" of it. I think I submitted it already to CA, though. If you look around, corners are defined by lighting, etc...and I think Ambient Occlusion is the step in the right direction...I just think it's too strong.
  5. Mick, You'd probably be best to watch the "What's New in X9" video. Some of what you're pointing out is Ambient Occlusion. You can turn it off or turn it down by going to Edit>Default Settings>Camera>General Camera. Then about 3/4 of the way down is the Ambient Occlusion setting. I have mine set at about 70%. Just enough to not be a bother. A lot of that stuff though just sounds like random material issues. There has been somewhat of an overhaul of the materials...not to mention they've dropped some and have redone others.
  6. I think that just because it's public doesn't mean that anyone with a pulse can look at it by searching the internet. The link has to be shared with someone and then they click the link and pull up the Pano. This is as far as I've gotten with sharing the Pano's...
  7. Johnny, I was missing the marquee selection portion. Funny I've never added p-line solid to the library until now.
  8. Ah you dirty dog!...you added that after. Got it now...thanks. And you sir...get a positive point.
  9. I must be missing something crucial...it's not letting me block it.
  10. You can do it all quickly if you go to Tools>Reverse Plan. But I'm warning you that you'll want to make sure and go through your plan to verify it all flipped smoothly.
  11. Ok...total noob question...but is there a way to get a Polyline Solid into the library without some form of rigmarole? I have custom corner boards that I want to start using for pole barns, and it's just mind numbing! Any help would be appreciated...and rewarded with positive points.
  12. I just gave you +3 to get you back to 0
  13. You will more than likely need to model it as I attached (with 3D molding polylines and your appropriate molding profile), and use CAD to fudge the plan. As far as I know, there isn't a way to create a custom frame profile. Either that or make your window the size you need. Get your frame roughly the size you need. Pull a 3D view and export the .3ds file. Import the .3ds file into Sketchup, and adjust the window frame to be exactly what you need. Save the file and import the SU file back into CA and create a custom window in your library. That might do the trick for both...but if it doesn't....I'm sorry
  14. Use a custom molding with a 3D Molding Polyline. Then turn off the frame on the window. There's a little finagling to get everything perfect, but I think you'll be fine. I've attached a plan file so you can copy and paste...it even has the CAD molding profile so you can adjust as need be. window.plan
  15. Hey Larry, Usually when I set my exposed fastener material I use the rainbow tool to resize the texture and pattern to be more accurate. If you want to save these preferences, just add the adjusted material to your library. See attached.
  16. Standing seam metal roof is in the Library under Core Catalogs>Materials>Roofing>Metal>Standing Seam R-Panel is under Core Catalogs>Materials>Roofing>Metal>Exposed Fastener We use that a lot for pole buildings.
  17. I normally lurk around here...but is this not what you're talking about?
  18. Hi Kevin, You can import 3D DWG's into Chief...the problem is it would come in as a symbol. Now, if you have a GPS survey, you can import the .dwg file with the points and convert them to elevation data...which is 3D data. You can also set one of the layers to be the terrain perimeter and it would create the terrain for you.
  19. ...well...I guess I didn't know this existed. I've only been using Chief for 9.5 years and I think one time I had to import a .dwg house plan. Foot has been inserted into mouth This is why I don't chime in very often...I get schooled more often times than not! EDIT: Ok...now I really feel stupid. They actually said they used this tool in the OP... I'll go back to lurking...
  20. Create a new wall type with brick on both sides...
  21. What about when you import a .dwg with elevation points?...is that not converting 3D data into Chief? Again, going with my post above, I think if you could specify a layer and have it convert the outside perimeter into Chief walls, that alone would eliminate a lot of headaches. then we'd have to start working on interior walls...
  22. I just had a thought...it would be neat if when you imported a .dwg you could convert a certain layer to walls (similar to how you convert it to terrain perimeter or elevation data).
  23. Could be...could be a lot of things. Attach the plan and we can look at it from there.