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  1. Hey, I see you're in SF. I'm just south of Watertown, and we also have a location in Brookings. If you ever need help or anything, just let me know!
  2. I can't add anything, other than see this suggestion I posted awhile back. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/6773-tray-ceilings/?hl=%2Btray+%2Bceiling
  3. Click on the Range Hood, then edit the symbol. Under 2D Block you can change the fill style and transparency there. See Attached...
  4. I'd still love to see VR capabilities right in Chief. We've purchased the HTC Vive and are working with 3rd party software to get this capability, but if it could be integrated right through Chief (or even an app that Chief makes), I'd be PUUUUMPED. Seeing this, though, makes me happy that it's on Chief's radar!
  5. Edit>Default Settings>Cabinets>Wall Cabinets Then in the Wall Cabinet Defaults, click on "Fill Style" on the left. You can make the fill either transparent, or change the transparency. See attached...
  6. psshhhh....and here I thought I was somewhat of a "power user". Great tips, thanks Michael.
  7. Hey Rob, I believe (from looking at her pictures) that she wants the lower portion of the stairs closed, and the upper portion open. If you uncheck "Open Underneath" it changes both sections to be closed. Unless there's a way to change that...
  8. She wants the wall to continue under the steps...similar to how it would be built.
  9. What about a 3D molding polyline with the moulding being your casing/frame/sash, etc... Then just put a hole in the wall, and fill in the gaps with plines? I will post pictures in a bit...headed to a meeting.
  10. Instead of using 2 separate walls (1 2x6 and 1 2x4) make it one unique wall with both walls. That will help with the "cleanliness" of the 3D view. Then I basically split my bottom run of steps into 3 parts. 1 set of steps going up to the wall, 1 landing the size of a step, and then another that goes the rest of the way to the landing. That should get you most of the way... Untitled 1.zip
  11. What would be great is a feature to draw a polyline in elevation, and convert it to a custom window/door...
  12. I don't know...I guess I'm with Michael on this one. Seems like not much more steps...and probably more accurate.
  13. 3D>3D View Defaults There's some ambient settings there that you can tweak.
  14. You could do a majority of that with just the rails...no need for many plines. See attached. Obviously the verticals would need to be faked, but easy-peasy...
  15. Typically I use railing, and then just use PLine with screen material. Then when I do my finals, I pull up the screen and add CAD boxes with fill to "fake" the screen.
  16. Hey John, You might want to be a little more specific on where you want your 8' wall to go??... I'm not 100% if this answers your question, but one thing I've found with having just a random wall at 8' tall is that you have to edit the "attic wall" that gets drawn. There will be a wall that gets drawn above your wall. Just click on it in 3D view and delete it. Then it will show another "extension" above your wall. Just click the "extension" and drag the bottom up so you can't see it. Then in an elevation make sure that your wall is 8' tall. See attached. Rainbow final 1.2 - JRK.zip
  17. We're ready to make the plunge. We just don't know which headset is best, and what's the best workflow. We want some sort of simple export/import process, and the irisVR seems to meet that.
  18. Either that or use soffit...and leave the ceiling height at 12'.
  19. I don't know much about Unity, but I really like where IrisVR is headed. I'm signed up for their software, but cannot download anything until we get a headset. We're in the air between Vive and Oculus. I might have to make a trip to Minneapolis and see if they have anything there to test out.
  20. Hey Simplay, We're also looking into VR. As near as we can tell Iris is the closest to what you're looking for. I've talked to Chief and they say there's no plan to integrate VR yet...which seems...odd. We haven't bought the headsets yet, but just curious what your thoughts on the Vive are?...
  21. Yeah, that's what I didn't know. Was this going to be a "Power User" meeting that we talked about shortly after the last UGM, or was this planning on just being another canned trainer. I'm really looking forward to this "Power User" meeting we talked about...I'm ready to be challenged!
  22. No, I know that...I just didn't know if anyone was planning on attending this trainer.