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  1. I've brought in a jpeg image into a cad site plan and I would like to make the jpeg 60% transparency for better readability. So far I cannot find any controls for this. Any ideas? THX Larry
  2. Thank you everyone! The videos really helped! Your comment, Joey, is central to the situation. The circumstances here are that my friends whose home it is have contracted with a "shell" building company who had agreed to build it on site since it is larger than their normal projects. The builder is telling my friends that he will be putting up 5 posts. They are wanting to work with him, but as yet no one is getting into the nitty gritty details. If you look at the attached file you can see that the doorway definitely needs to be considered in the solution. My first cho
  3. Glen, That explains it! Are you suggesting I create an invisible door opening or wall where I want the stairs to be? I'm not sure how to create either of those. Maybe I'm over thinking this, but if I want a rail opening when adding a stair, but don't want to add more posts shouldn't there be an uncheck for that as well? Thanks!
  4. When I create a deck or porch and have equidistant posts new posts are added when I place a stair. I don't want them added. Where are the controls to prevent additional posts being added? Thanks Larry
  5. I've hunted around but can't find how to have shadows turned off as a default. What is happening is if I change a camera angle the program keeps drawing new views and I can't get anything done until it goes through 20 views! Second question: I want to add brackets to my porch posts. Anyone know which training video shows how to do it? Dragging a bracket puts it at the wrong height and orientation. I know there is a proper method! Thanks Larry
  6. I just tried to emulate in CA a rendering technique I learned in architectural school. It appears to be working. The rendering technique I used over 35 years ago was this: First make a very light print of your drawing on white paper. Color the drawing with pastels or colored pencils. Next print the same drawing on a clear sheet making sure your linework is very dark and crisp. Overlay the line work over the colored drawing and matte them together. The line work gives punch and definition and the color gives the warmth and tone. I just printed out an elevation
  7. Michael, Wow and thank you! The truss manufacturer had an end wall truss designated, and I put it in and then took it out. Now that I see how you did it, I can use your method and show them what we need using and end wall truss like your upper drawing. Parkwest was concerned about the builder, so I'll fill you both in. My friend is trying to be very frugal, so he found a company who builds shell buildings using trusses only. My friend is trying to get some customization done within their construction parameters so he is dealing with the truss company and the builde
  8. Forgot to do that again! dudley24x40 shell V2.plan
  9. Here is the plan file. Thanks Larry dudley24x40 shell
  10. I spoke with my friend and suggested a framed end wall. I also suggested keeping the scissor truss at the end and stick framing the rest. He will talk to his builder. Thanks
  11. My friend wants a high window above their double entry doors in wall that has end wall trusses above. The truss manufacturer doesn't know how to achieve this. I put in a window which shows in the elevation, but does not cause the truss to rebuild. The rest of the trusses in the building apart from the end walls have sloped bottom chords. (You can see this in the attached pdf.) How do I get chief to frame this in order to get a window in the end wall? Thank You Larry dudley24x40 shell V2-Perspective Framing Overvi
  12. I'm getting closer! Trusses looking good. Now I need to put in floor trusses bearing on the sides and a center cmu stem wall. And, this building is being built on top of the foundation of the former house, so the concrete block walls are sitting on a new slab with thickened edges and thickened center. (no new footing s are being formed.) Proper approach? dudley24x40 from scratch.plan
  13. Getting closer. Do I need to select an energy heal truss?
  14. I'm just totally missing something. I've added the three ceiling plains just fine. I'm not understanding how to raise the roof up the 2 additional feet above the ceiling planes so the truss will form between them. THX Larry