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  1. I'm unfamiliar with Mac's, but I assume its the same situation.
  2. It may be a windows related issue. If you go to your start menu and type in "file association", you can choose which program is the default for each file type you may open. Scroll down the never ending list and find the .plan and the .layout files and make sure they're associated with the correct version of Chief Architect.
  3. Does Tools>Reverse plan not work? I don't know why it wouldn't... Edit: When I reverse plans generally the only things that don't reverse are terrain related things, like plants and terrain objects, and the terrain itself. There's probably a way to make it do that but I haven't found it yet.
  4. If you delete your invisible railing wall, and put in a room divider it goes away. Hope that helps
  5. Someone here figured it out I guess. We have no idea what happened but we just kept clicking options and eventually it worked. Thanks!!!!
  6. Check to make sure the terrain perimeter layer is turned on in your 3D view
  7. I have that set at 1200" already, which is the max.... Hmmmmm..
  8. It's a custom template that we've set up. We haven't used an OOTB cheif template in many years. I will look into the OOTB templates and compare default settings. The DBX's are different in X13 and X14 for auto dimensions, so I'm guessing something we had set up did not transfer well between versions. Thanks for the lead!
  9. In X13, when I pushed CTRL+A for auto exterior dimensions, it would dimension all 4 sides of the building. For some reason, in X14, I cannot figure out the settings to make it do all 4 sides, and it will only do the bottom and the right side. The only way I can get it to dimension all 4 sides is if I have it locate an interior surface or wall center.. I don't want to have to do that. I generally start my new home drawings by drawing the rough shape of the house and doing an auto dimension and then adjusting the dimension to something close to what I want. The image on the left is X13, and the image on the right is X14. Anyone have any idea what default setting I need to have checked so I can get all 4 sides of the building to auto dimension, without locating the inner surfaces? I essentailly want exactly what the X13 attachment shows. These buildings are just a general shape to show as an example.
  10. Is there some type of report I can pull that will tell me the total linear length of interior and exterior walls in a plan? TIA!
  11. Thanks for all of your help everyone, it looks like the option for a box header in X12 may be our best bet. We've figured out a way to take Cheif's material/cut list and run that data into an automated saw to create wall packs to pre-cut all the framing lumber before it's delivered to the jobsite, It's pretty crucial that I don't "fake" anything. We draw roughly 350-400 houses a year so unfortunately the manually editing the framing would add a pretty large kink in our process as far as efficiency goes. It may end up we need to sacrifice efficiency for accuracy if the X12 thing does not work. Only time will tell.
  12. This is the closest thing I could find to "number of headers", like you said. As previously mentioned, this seems to only allow you to set how many framing members you'd like horizontally, rather than vertically.
  13. Hello, We are just starting to use framing aspect of Cheif. We've never really had a use for it before but we are moving into some territory where it will be an essential part of our business model. My question is this: I am trying to set up auto framing on interior door headers. I want it to stack two 2x4's on top of the trimmers. The 2x4's need to be laying the 3 1/2" side to the floor and ceiling. I can only seem to get it to produce 1 2x4 header laying on the trimmers within the doorway. I need the number of 2x4's in the material list to be correct. I've changed the header count to "2", and it seems like it only wants to allow 2 if they fit within the width of the wall. It will let me place two 2x2's as headers, but only a single 2x4. I've attached an image of what I'm trying to explain. Thank you for your time!
  14. Cheif got back to me with an answer. This happens because I entered VR through Perspective Full Overview. It does not happen if you run though a "Full Camera"
  15. I'm glad to see that the VR aspect of X11 is vastly improved over X10. I still have 1 major issue, and that is the way you navigate a plan. I can't seem to figure out a way to do it other than by "pulling yourself around". Why isn't it just a point a click movement like Prospect? Currently there's no way to maintain the same height while youre moving through a plan. You literally pull yourself to the point you're connected to. We use VR quite frequently, and I am super pumped with how it's working....unfortunatley the movement is a deal breaker for us. Maybe I'm just not seeing where to adjust it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. We don't design cricket to a point. Leave 8" to 10" fascia at bottom. sample 2.pdf
  17. Dang..that's exactly the issue we're having! I will keep trying to find it. Thank you! Also, no..you did not come across as terse.
  18. Thanks for the input, Ridge_Runner. I did do a real quick forum search before posting the question but It seemed like there weren't any definitive answers. I was hoping to bring the topic back to light and have it be caught by someone with some experience. Thanks for taking the time.
  19. Does anyone have any experience moving model out of Chief into a 3D printing model? It's my understanding that it needs to be an .STL file, (Or an OBJ file). We exported a model out of CA into an .stl file and have been told that the walls of the house show no thickness, by the company we are hiring to 3D print the model. When I import that same .stl file back into cheif it shows the walls have the normal thickness of the walls we draw with. I have next to zero knowledge of 3D printing so any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  20. Solver- Yes, I have searched. I'm looking for more than that...I'm hoping to have the area labeled in a box pretty far away from the polyline it's referencing with no arrow pointing to it. AlaskanSon was kind enough to reach out to me and is going to help me out.
  21. First of all, I'm just wondering if it's possible. 2nd of all, I would probably be willing to pay for a macro that could do what I want. Essentially, I'm looking to be able to place a polyline on a plan and have a macro that displays the area of that specific polyline. We generally use a polyline around our framing to calculate square footage, and I'm hoping to be able to create that polyline, and link a macro to it so when we change the polyline, the SQ FT number changes with it. Who knows, maybe its easier than having a macro, and maybe it's not even possible. Just throwing some feelers out there. TIA
  22. Without actually looking at the Chief plan, it's hard to know for sure. Looks like you just need to make your polyline solid a little wider to cover up all of the holes and stuff. Then make it the same texture as your siding.
  23. When you say you know how to do it the "long way", I'm guessing you mean using the Geometric Construction method taught in Drafting School? See attached plan. Untitled 5.plan
  24. Mostly because of the fact that I like the "Camera Bumps off Wall" setting checked (because on occasion I don't have my 3D mouse with me), I just pull all 3D views with the Perspective Full Overview. You can zip through the ceiling and walls without a problem. Not sure if that helps or not, either.
  25. Hi interiorarch! I think if you follow the same steps in my post on your other thread: I think this should work similarly. The only thing is that instead of specifying an appliance, you'd leave the space an opening. Then from there you would manually place the sink and cut your countertop around the sink. Let me know if you have any questions.