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  1. If you end up wanting to cut the terrain, just use a p-line convert it to a terrain feature and check "Make Hole".
  2. Edit>Preferences>Reset Options>Reset Side Windows See attached...
  3. One thing nobody ever really talks about is stability. I've gone back and forth between gaming and Quadro, and I would say that hands down the Quadro is much more stable than the gaming. I quite frequently had issues with my gaming card and Chief, and I wouldn't say Chief operated any "faster" with the gaming card. Might have something to do with Chief using OpenGL and I've heard OpenGL operates better on Quadro. That's just my thoughts...
  4. No worries...I was just being snarky
  5. Hmmm...funny I posted that same solution above. Glad it worked for you
  6. Joey, One other thing... Go to the "Casing" tab. Under the Exterior Casing, set the overlap frame dimension to 0". Then UNCHECK "Use Exterior Casing". That should eliminate the overlap of the lintel.
  7. Joey, I just drew a window, put in a lintel, put in a sill, set shutters and nothing overlaps. Even my lintel doesn't overlap the frame. Make sure the height in the Shutter tab is set to "Match Opening Height"...
  8. Oh wait...June 8th, that's my daughters birthday. Better not be late for that Guess I'll have to pass this time, but definitely want in on the next one!
  9. How long you guys thinking this meeting will last?... If I'm doing the conversion right...that's 6pm CST (my time)...which is also closing time. I'll stay late, but have to let my wife know!
  10. Ok...rookie question... Is it possible to change what layer certain fixtures labels are on? I want all of my tub/shower labels on a layer of their own so I can just turn that on but keep all of the other fixture labels off... ...I suppose I could just go into all of my fixtures I typically use and just remove their labels in the Edit Symbol DBX...but boy that seems like it would be sweet if we could specify Layers for Labels.
  11. Well I certainly appreciate it! I don't do a lot with macros, and I was more or less asking if what I wanted could be done. I was fully ready to drop the $3...not like it's a bank breaker...
  12. Oh...hmmm...now it works??... OK that's just plain weird because I tried it yesterday and I either couldn't select the macro, or else it would paste all of that coding in for the label. Thanks Eric!
  13. I don't know Eric...I must be too stupid. I copied and pasted what you put there and it just failed...there must be something I'm missing.
  14. Doesn't work... He can download the X8 Client Viewer...or else upgrade to X8.
  15. Chances are you're going to be asked to post the plan. Also, the chances are you're probably looking to just break the molding polyline and select "No Molding on Selected Edge"...but I don't know...because there's no plan posted.
  16. What if I just give you a hi-five
  17. What about one time macro fee?...
  18. I'm sure just a simple search would help me out, but...I don't know...too lazy and time is of the essence. I would like to know how to do a macro that would display my interior door sizes like this: 2'-6" X 6'-8" 2'-8" X 6'-10 1/2" R.O. Is this even possible, or what am I up against here? I know I'll have to set my R.O.'s so that they're correct, so I'm assuming that there's a simple way to get the macro's to display this somewhat like I show. I might even settle for the inch dimensions instead of the feet-inch...
  19. Great question, and here's a workaround for you! Do your perspective overview on the 0 floor. When the view opens, flip back to the plan and open the camera (right click on the camera and go to "Open Object")... From there you can go to "Plan Display" and uncheck "Display on All Floors". Now just simply go back to the main floor and voila...done.
  20. This is a topic that will FOREVER go around and around. One guy wants this, others want this, this isn't good enough, that's too good (oh wait). I feel bad for Chief...like dealing with 10,000 homeowners at 1 time.
  21. Hey, I see you're in SF. I'm just south of Watertown, and we also have a location in Brookings. If you ever need help or anything, just let me know!
  22. I can't add anything, other than see this suggestion I posted awhile back. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/6773-tray-ceilings/?hl=%2Btray+%2Bceiling