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  1. Even when actual size was selected it doesn't print to scale...I think the problem is it's not being sent to PDF to scale. There were no dimensions, so it's hard to know for sure, but I measured a few of the base cabinets and they were off by about 1'.
  2. Not only that, but your post count is getting close to Glenn's as well... Did Glenn hi-jack your account?!
  3. If you're running X7...which I have no clue if you are or not...then you simply change the wall setting to dimension to exterior of layer 1 (or whatever layer your brick is). See attached...
  4. Are you trying to get the light to show through on a raytrace or a plain render?
  5. Your interior ambient lighting is fairly bright...I bumped it down to like 30% for interior and 35% for exterior. Then changed the time to be about 4pm, and got this little spot on the wall.
  6. You can create a scaled PDF from the floor plan, you just have to make sure you select "To Scale" in the Drawing Scale section. Also beware, that when you change the Drawing Scale you might have to reselect Arch D paper. See attached.
  7. Is there any reason why you're not sending your plan to layout and then converting PDF's from that (with title block etc...)?... In the print DBX are you selecting your drawing scale to "To Scale: 1/4 in = 1ft"? When the printing company is printing the PDF's are they possibly printing them "To Fit" and not "Actual Size"?... There are quite a few possibilities, these are just a couple questions to find out where the problem is.
  8. No problem... I wish it would copy the custom label, but this will leave room for software improvements
  9. After you have all of your closets labeled, can't you just group select, open up the group of rooms and change the name to be CL? I guess I wouldn't be in favor of changing the standard. See attached.
  10. You can place the pulls manually...which is a bit cumbersome. Or use 2 different cabinets (base and wall, or two talls, etc...)...which is also a bit cumbersome.
  11. Sorry...that one I attached was Imperial and not metric, but I did the same thing with a Metric plan and it seemed to work fine.
  12. I guess I'm not really sure what the problem is. I only imported LINDERO and CURVAS-NIVEL. I converted LINDERO to be terrain perimeter, and CURVAS-NIVEL to elevation data....and done. Make sure and change the terrain perimeter to the Terrain, Perimeter layer, otherwise it will not show up on 3D views. See attached... Site Plan.plan
  13. I would highly recommend making the "Interior" wall part of the "Exterior" wall definition. You'll have some corner connections to clean up, but it will be much nicer in the end...and on top of it, your rooms are all individual now. See attached. Fire house 5334_SF___2 NO WALLS.plan
  14. Do a final view with shadows...it goes away for me then.
  15. We just spent $2500 renewing SSA until 2/2017... I'd love for a little sale But if you have 10 licenses you get a little discount, and if you have 11 you get another discount...we might be needing #11 here soon.
  16. Here's the same scene rendered in Chief Architect with some serious post pro action. Also, I prefer to have photon mapping on, but the light bleed/pooling was so intense that I had to quit and hope that I could adjust in post pro.
  17. Thanks Scott, No I didn't...I'll see what I can come up with. I don't know enough about CA Render to produce anything high quality, but I'll check it out.
  18. Modeled with Chief. Exported to SketchUp. Rendered in SketchUp with Thea's Plugin. I think I'll rerun in Thea to get a higher resolution...I think these last few will be put on a billboard at the jobsite.
  19. Another one from me...just a simple commercial space.
  20. I use it ALL THE TIME...but mostly to get a general layout of rooms (similar to a bubble diagram). I then manually draw all of my interior walls... I agree 100% that you should be able to break and do different shaped rooms.
  21. Just to catch up, we strictly use trusses around here....for everything, and although this type of roof ISN'T common, we've done it before and this issue hasn't come up in the past. That would actually be one truss (with the kink in it). It would bear on the two walls and cantilever over the porch. Then they would frame a fake eave coming down to make it look like two trusses. On occasion someone will have a roof that needs handframed, but otherwise no. @Bill...not really sure what you mean. They've been mated, snapped, etc...and still shows. @Glenn...I was able to drag the roof to the framing layer, and it went away. But then I had to drag and mess with the wall to make it cover the gaping holes in the wall. What's more peculiar, is that the opposite side doesn't do that.
  22. Hmmm...weird. I also don't see it in X8.
  23. ...ok...but the boxed eave is still there?...