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  1. I'm trying to send a Kitchen Island to my Layout in 2D without the other cabinets being in the elevational view. Is there a way to do that?
  2. I understand everything he did. And it was a great video. However, i need to know what layer set he used to draw out the door outside of the original plan. Or did you he open a new plan to draw the door from CAD and then saved into his user Catalog?
  3. I'm designing a screen porch from Chief Architect x9. Where did you import your screen and how do you import it into the software?

    I'm trying to make a screen door like you did? It appears that you skipped a few steps because you are more advanced. Did you open a new file to created the door from CAD? Can you give me step by step instructions on how you created the screen door for the screen porch? 

    1. SNestor


      Send me an email to and I’ll send you the material.  

  4. I watch the video last night. He's not clear step by step of how he did it. However, I was able to created a screened porch using wire fence that is already in the Software Catalog. Where did he import the screen for his porch? And how did he do it? Also, did he created the screen door using CAD in the same plan file or did create a new plan in to created the door? Do you have any simple instructions how I can create a door using CAD to save on my User Catalog?
  5. I'm using Chief Architect X9 on an ASUS laptop. I'm trying to import a screen for a deck that I'm trying to design because there are no screens for a deck in the catalog.How can I do that? I also want to created or design a Screen Door for the screened-in deck using CAD. What is the easiest and simplest way to do that? Thanks
  6. I'm trying to screen-in a Deck on my design. As of now, I'm using the wire fence that comes with the catalog. However, I went to install a screen into my program so that I can start using it instead of the wire fence. Any suggestions on how I can import and screen for the deck? if so, can you give me instructions step by step? I also want to create a screen door for the Deck and put into my User Catalog using CAD. Can I get instructions on how to do that and what would be the simplest way to do it? Thanks
  7. I have created a new floorplan and I am currently looking for someone who can draft building documents for me. I'm currently in North Carolina, Greensboro, Guildford County. My plans are attached. Please let me know if there is someone who can help! Thanks Davenport
  8. Is there anyone in this forum that can create building documents from my plans? Or is there someone that I can be referred to that can assist me in creating building documents?