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  1. Another great contribution to all of us. Thanks Chris!
  2. I'd prefer to have solid blocking. The ladder framing creates lots of cozy spaces for bees unless the top and bottom are screened.
  3. There are some in the library that may work for you. Or may be a starting point to get exactly what you are after.
  4. I would try an outdoor room that includes the stairs. The terrain will naturally cut around it which will be much easier to deal with.
  5. A big plus one to real time spell checking.
  6. It's time for a refresh of the deck framing tools. Decks are much more refined than when the deck tools were developed. They need some love!
  7. You could set up the elevations in your template plan and template layout plan. That way they are already present in the layout. When you start a new plan from template, drag your cameras to the locations you want. You'll still have to adjust the width of some layout boxes, but it'll be a good start. You can also copy/paste cameras and relink now so you can copy/paste template cameras to a non-template plan, and relink. I also do this with details. It saves some time.
  8. In my experience this happens when I have a roof over (covered deck). I've since checked retain framing and it has resolved.
  9. I have seen it multiple times in X15. When I reported it, I was told to check 'retain framing'. It's different behavior from X14. Maybe it was a bug before???
  10. To move an irregular shaped area, draw a polyline around the area you want to move, select it, then select edit area (all floors?), transform/replicate and move the desired distance.
  11. I've requested the Dashboard show the full file name for all the above reasons. I open my plans from Explorer too. Without be able to compare multiple full file names at a glance, there's too much of a chance of getting the wrong one. I do a lot of production plan work. I try not to change plan names so there is no relinking. I often have multiple plans open with the same name, which isn't great but, overall, it's easier for me. My file management is a very stripped down version of Rene's, or more like Alan's. I label all PDFs with the date first so they sort by date and leave all PDFs in the main folder. Once again, I want to see things at a glance.
  12. I don't know if this is still the case but it sounds like it is. At some point, I was no longer able to print directly to my HP plotter. I had to print to PDF, then send to the plotter. I don't know what was changed but Chief couldn't communicate with the plotter. The upside is you now have a digital record of what was printed.
  13. I would place the Zip system as an exterior layer. You could set it up as two exterior layers; the foam next to the studs and the OSB between the foam and the siding. That would give you the proper visual in plan and section. If you need the Zip to report to the material list, you'll need to change how the layers report (Label the OSB layer as the Zip panel type, don't include the foam). I don't use the materials list but I'm sure someone else will comment.