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  1. You can use 'edit area all' to flip a plan horizontally or vertically in one move (I flip about a current point located at the center to keep things in the same 3D space). I think you'll have the same issues with your labels not flipping. I'm not at my computer to check, just wanted to give another option. I still have text that I need to flip manually.
  2. You cannot customize Chief's installed libraries. You can customize your 'User Library'. I'm away from my computer but this should get you going. Create a new folder. Go back and select the manufacturer folder you want to customize. Right click, select copy. Browse to your custom folder, right click, paste shortcut. The folder will be copied to the new location AND will maintain the link to Chief's folder to stay up to date when you 'update library'. It'll take some time but I think it's worth it if you like to see everything together. If you copy/paste the folde
  3. Sometimes I have to shift select while using the 'edit layout lines' tool to activate some lines. If you have overlapping viewports, the lines will be unselectable. You can pull one viewport back to slect the lines.
  4. Use two 2' doors pushed together. The hardware is two pieces but you could add a polyline solid to visually connect them. Doesn't report correctly. it would be a nice addition for Chief to give us. It's a popular option.
  5. I miss the sneak peak too. I only check in in the mornings. The 'next unread topic' would jog my memory. It's more cumbersome now.
  6. Desktop! It's not a problem for small plans, but if I have a lot of views it's just easier for me to strip the layout. I hate waiting!
  7. I usually create two layout files toward the end of the project. I copy paste the layout and delete the 3D views from the working drawing layout so I can move more quickly. Then I can combine the view pages from the full layout with the working drawing pages in a PDF editor. Not ideal, but I can move along a lot faster.
  8. When Chief was reinstalled, it put it's files in it's default location. If you open Preference you can see what folder paths Chief defaults to. Look at advanced options. I'm not at my computer so excuse my generalizations. I'd also look on the other machines as well so you understand how Chief works with folder locations. You can import the catalogs from your CA X11 folders. Any catalogs you got while on X12 won't be there, but it's a start. Does Dropbox have a recycling bin? Maybe your catalogs we're moved/deleted there. Do you have backups of the downloads?
  9. Yes Joe, you're correct. I just want an easy way to get info out.
  10. I think it would be great if Chief's Global Macros could be modified to report data such as percent glazing. In my post above, I started with the global room area and tried to multiply it by .08, which you can't do. I didn't understand that those macros don't work with ruby. I accept that they don't, but I don't have a enough of a grasp of Ruby to understand the nuances. I'm glad to see others have requested it in the past and it's on the list.
  11. Thank you. I'd love to see global macros 'shortcuts'. It would be a huge help to those of us that need info out but don't understand the Ruby world. With my limited understanding, I can do a lot of damage pretty quick!
  12. Following along, I'm wondering why the Chief supplied macros don't work with multiplication. Room.area.internal is Chief's macro, which doesn't work with multiplication. Yet Room.internal_area does. It seems like the program supplied macros should be editable. Obviously macros aren't my forte!
  13. Marvin makes a stacking door in wood/clad frames. One end panel swings out, the rest can be unlocked and slide back to a stack, or pivot to stack at the end.
  14. 'Regular text' (not 'rich text') is more stable. You could try using 'regular text' to see if that reduces/stops the issue. Use rich text only when you need it. You can set the default in Preferences.
  15. I didn't watch Eric's videos but if you only want interior finish dimensions, I would set up a new dimension default that dimensions to the face of the finish. I call my default 'As-built'. I don't use auto dimensions, only manually placed dimensions.