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  1. MoeGia

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    Ginger, I was able to install V10 to a Windows 10 Pro laptop two years ago. I could never could get it installed to my Windows 10 Pro desktop. I believe the dongle installation has to be done in a specific order, so follow the instructions carefully.
  2. MoeGia

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    A couple of years ago I hired an intern to open every pre-V10 Chief file in X8, save it and create a PDF of the layout. The plans are now readable in the current Chief software. We then threw out the printed copy of the plan. I scanned all the paperwork for the job into the job folder. I now have a digital file of of most plans from 1994, and all job paperwork. I've retained all hand drawn plans pre-94 since I do occasionally work for previous clients. I guess it's time to ditch those! I'd much rather have a digital copy. I have my archives backed up in multiple locations. I delete all of Chief's Archives folders and drawings. It's great to be rid of all that paper! Ginger, download the X8 viewer on your new laptop and open your old files and save them. You'll then have them for use. It works well and you will have access to your plans.
  3. MoeGia

    Printer Problem

    On my HP 110, I have to create a default sheet size for each type of drawing.. (18x24 is rotated to print landscape, 24x36 is not (24" roll)) It's not a function of just changing to portrait or landscape. It's a function of the printer looking for a specific sheet size and orientation. Try creating a new default in the printer setup to see if you get what you need.
  4. MoeGia


    I have created skylights from windows that I keep in a warehouse plan. They are windows, sized and labeled as Velux skylights. I copy and drop them into a wall on the attic level of my plan and they report to the window schedule (or whatever schedule you'd like). Not ideal, but it gets the job done. Someone had posted this tip here many years ago. Thanks to whoever that was!
  5. You can set your room divider wall default to a specific layer. I have mine set to a custom layer 'Walls, no show plan' which have a dotted line style (I like to see them while working). The Chief created walls automatically come in on that layer. That layer is turned off in my printing layer sets.
  6. MoeGia

    Loss of Patterns in X12?

    I am also missing pattern files in my X12 install. I believe they were custom patterns at some point (roof shingles, stone) which didn't migrate. I'm on a new computer so don't have any other versions installed. I'll try the import method.
  7. MoeGia

    Where did the walls go

    Try using the 'all on' layer set in 3D (make sure the layers are turned on in 3D). If the plan was drawn as CAD only, there will be no 3D. If the walls were drawn with Chief's wall tool, there should be 3D.
  8. MoeGia

    copying a window explodes casing

    This is a bug that can happen when using edit area. Somehow multiple copies of windows get dropped in during the use of edit area stretch command. Not sure it that applies to this plan, just mentioning it.
  9. MoeGia


    Find an Archive copy that still has the foundation in it. Copy the details to a CAD detail in the current plan.
  10. MoeGia

    non-selectable lines on floor plan

    Those are saved cameras. If you don't need them, you can delete them. Or turn off their display in the layer set.
  11. MoeGia

    Rotate portion of a floor plan

    I would start with a polyline around the area to rotate (at the 45 degree angle). Then use edit area as Eric described. that way you can rotate just the angled portion.
  12. MoeGia

    Camera View Moves?

    I've seen this behavior too. I'm not sure what triggers. I have my template plan and layout set up with multiple camera views already sent to layout. When I copy those templates to a new folder/file and open the layout and refresh the views (all set to update on demand). The cameras no longer maintain the originally set frame of view. They usually are shot from much further away. I have to recrop the layout boxes and enlarge the view again. Defeats the purpose of setting things up in advance. I have also seen this when revising a layout but I've been thinking it was operator error. I'll pay more attention to see if I can figure out the triggers.
  13. MoeGia

    Raised planting beds

    I would use terrain regions and features for the lower areas and individual raised areas. I think it will be difficult to see slightly elevated areas in 3D unless you assign different materials to the sloped or raised areas. Terrain features would allow you to change the materials on the raised areas. Or you could use beds.
  14. MoeGia

    New update: HUGE Edit Area Bug

    How about a system restore to a point before the new install was done?
  15. MoeGia

    Migrate X11 to my home desk top

    In Chief, choose Library , import library, browse to your Manufacturer Libraries folder (where you copied everything to) and select the files it import. Then update the library. In Chief, Library, update library catalogs.