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  1. MoeGia

    Menu bug

    I recently set up a new Windows laptop and adjusted my toolbars (removed icons) to fit the laptop screen (3240x2160, scaling 200%). Working on the Windows desktop, I moved a few more icons to the side bar to shorten the length. (2560x1440,Scaling 125%) Now my toolbars are moving on a very regular basis. I think switching to the layout file (different toolbars) triggered the problem yesterday. (Per Glenn's observation)
  2. MoeGia

    Vertical side of Trey Ceiling not showing

    Rich, you're a hoot! Can you raise the tray portion to be higher than the ceiling joist height and still have it work? Maybe 12" high with 2x8 jsts.
  3. I was having a problem after the Windows update last week. Somehow Onedrive was stuck on replacing the User Library file and my system kept freezing. As soon as I shut off Onedrive, I was good to go. Your system is pretty robust so not sure that's your problem.
  4. MoeGia

    Window Net Size & Rough Opening

    You should get the glazing area from the window manufacturer. Glass area is dependent on how they build their windows. I would not scale this number off a Chief window unless you model the window and sash exactly as the manufacturer builds it. Too much liability; get the number from the manufacturer.
  5. MoeGia

    Window Casing Custom

    A simple head casing can be defined on the lintel tab when setting your window defaults. More complex head trim can be achieved on the treatments tab. You'll find a lot of good information with a forum search or with F! (help). If that doesn't help, you'll need to be more specific about what you're trying to accomplish. Post a picture.
  6. MoeGia


    A tip I got from this forum years ago is to create a library of 'skylight windows' with the appropriate size and label. I use Chiefs skylights in plan and elevation. I drop the 'skylight window' into the plan in an unseen wall (usually on the attic level). The callout then shows in my window schedule and I manually add the callout to my plan and elevation. Not perfect, but once you set them up, it's less of a workaround to get the proper look and accuracy. I do wish Chief would give us full functioning skylights.
  7. MoeGia

    Exposed Roof Rafters w/ T&G "ceiling"

    Deck House still uses most of those same details. They have always built the mahogany windows and doors on site. Deck House and Acorn were direct, but friendly, competitors for many years. Acorn focused on solar technology during the '70's and 80's. Both were located in Acton, MA. Deck House bought out Acorn during the downturn in the 90's. My husband who also worked at Acorn, went over to Deck House to continue building the Acorn product line (he ran the panel fabrication division at both places). I chose not to go so I could focus on my own business. In the 2008 recession Deck House went under, and was purchased by a local builder. Here's a link to the current company: It was a great place to work, we did a lot of innovative work!
  8. MoeGia

    Exposed Roof Rafters w/ T&G "ceiling"

    I worked for Acorn Structures for many years. Acorn Structures and Deck House were created when the Techbuilt partners split up. They used a 4' modular system for semi-prefabricated post-war homes. For rafters or floor joists at 4' O/C, we used 3x6 T&G decking. Deck house still uses this same type of system.
  9. MoeGia

    Plotter recommendation

    Please review this thread for a fix to the Windows update breaking the connection to your printer. Not sure if it's the same problem but it might help.
  10. I'm on version 1909 and lost use of my nextworked HP110. I had to download from this link: The update worked for my desktop and laptop. Thanks for the link Mick; it got me headed in the right direction. There obviously was an incremental update that broke the print spooler for networked printers.
  11. MoeGia

    Elevation Door Labels

    On the label panel, set the object's label to 'automatic'. If a label is set to 'show in this view', they'll show through the walls.
  12. MoeGia

    Locking Up

    There is an issue with Alienware's audio software causing issues with multiple monitor setups. This might be related.
  13. MoeGia

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    Ginger, I was able to install V10 to a Windows 10 Pro laptop two years ago. I could never could get it installed to my Windows 10 Pro desktop. I believe the dongle installation has to be done in a specific order, so follow the instructions carefully.
  14. MoeGia

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    A couple of years ago I hired an intern to open every pre-V10 Chief file in X8, save it and create a PDF of the layout. The plans are now readable in the current Chief software. We then threw out the printed copy of the plan. I scanned all the paperwork for the job into the job folder. I now have a digital file of of most plans from 1994, and all job paperwork. I've retained all hand drawn plans pre-94 since I do occasionally work for previous clients. I guess it's time to ditch those! I'd much rather have a digital copy. I have my archives backed up in multiple locations. I delete all of Chief's Archives folders and drawings. It's great to be rid of all that paper! Ginger, download the X8 viewer on your new laptop and open your old files and save them. You'll then have them for use. It works well and you will have access to your plans.
  15. MoeGia

    Printer Problem

    On my HP 110, I have to create a default sheet size for each type of drawing.. (18x24 is rotated to print landscape, 24x36 is not (24" roll)) It's not a function of just changing to portrait or landscape. It's a function of the printer looking for a specific sheet size and orientation. Try creating a new default in the printer setup to see if you get what you need.