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  1. Just make your "Top Height Reference" the "Top Tread" elevation and set the "Top Height" equal to the floor elevation.
  2. CharlesVolz

    Hyperlinks in Layout

    I like to have links via highlighted labels vs. URL addresses. So I use Adobe.
  3. CharlesVolz

    Hyperlinks in Layout

    I started putting hyperlinks in my PDF plans (via Acrobat) to Chief Architect's 3D viewer.
  4. CharlesVolz

    Hiring designer

    Seeking Services
  5. Hey Rich,


    How do you like you computer with Chief? I am looking to build a new computer. It looks like you have a newer high-end rig.


  6. CharlesVolz

    External hard drive

    Data collection is over 4 TB. (some duplicates) My File History takes up over 4 TB. So I need 10 TB .... or I have to clean house. I was after 14 TB, but at $310 it is higher per TB.
  7. CharlesVolz

    External hard drive

    I just picked this up yesterday. It was the best deal per GB that I could find quickly. WD Easystore 10 TB
  8. CharlesVolz

    Precast Concrete Fence

  9. CharlesVolz

    How Do I Get Rid Of The Image Next To The Cursor?

    Rebuild the terrain.
  10. CharlesVolz

    X12 Desktop Icon

    Got it! Thx!
  11. CharlesVolz

    Available for more design work

    Howdy All, I am available to take on more design work. I can assist you in your design work or you can refer customers to me. I pay a 10% referral fee for referred customers. Just give me a call at 210 744-7489! Here is some information about me and how I work: I am a creative designer who has acquired unique experiences and perspectives from my collection of work as a designer and builder. I have degrees in structural engineering (BS Rice University) and architectural engineering (MS University of Texas at Austin) and have planned, designed, developed and built various, diverse projects over my 30-year career. I am a member of the American Institute of Building Design ("AIBD"), which provides quality continuing education to ensure its members remain current with technology, materials and building codes. AIBD holds its members to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. I utilize the latest technology like GoToMeeting to work with customers live online and OBS Live to record "how-to" videos for builders, designers and DIYers, instructing home design using Chief Architect. I have worked with owners, builders, designers and architects from all over the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and England. I offer time-saving design assistance as well as expert training in Chief Architect. I am available to design your home from concept to working drawings, assist you in learning Chief Architect and/or improve your existing home design. Whether you need a home designer or just a few hours of training, I can accommodate you. Right now I am offering a discounted rate of $85 per hour for Chief users (an 11% discount from my standard rate of $95). I work in prepaid blocks of time. Once I receive payment, I schedule the time. You chose how much of my time you want to reserve (3-hour minimum) and can use the time (in 1-hour minimum blocks of time) for up to six months after purchase. When I complete the time, I will give you back the plan file or you can purchase another block of time. You keep the time credit left over, if any, for future help. This method gives you the flexibility to hire me for the work you desire without a long-term commitment. There is no obligation for you to pay for additional blocks of time. I am very fair with my billable hours and do not charge for nonproductive time. I bill using PayPal and add the fee (rounded) to the invoice. Regards, Charles
  12. CharlesVolz

    one time builder

    That is what I suggest. Rent/Buy Home Designer Pro to layout walls, windows and doors then hire a pro to help you from there.
  13. CharlesVolz


    I can help you. Just give me a call at 210 744-7489 or send me a private message. Regards, Charles
  14. CharlesVolz

    CMU's to display realistically

    Is this what you are talking about?
  15. CharlesVolz

    Windows 10 Bottom Task Bar

    Right click task bar> Settings: