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  1. CharlesVolz

    Beginner questions

  2. CharlesVolz

    Kansas City floor plans

    Do you need onsite measuring?
  3. CharlesVolz

    2019 CRC

    Thanks, Perry!
  4. CharlesVolz

    Pole barn garage plan design request.

    I see more folks changing the exterior materials wall by wall. Also, you avoid pouring a stone/brick lug where you have a full wall of siding and when you do pour it you are getting the cost spread over ±twice the stone/brick surface area.
  5. CharlesVolz

    Why does wall sit outside mono slab?

    So the answer is . . . ? Rebuild foundation?
  6. CharlesVolz

    Autocad to Chief

    That is a long cruise from San Diego!
  7. CharlesVolz

    Custom stairs

    BTW, the drawing does not seem to meet the IRC code of 10" min tread depth at walkline, 3/8" tread depth variation and 6" min tread depth on inside edge. R311. Winder treads. Winder treads shall have a tread depth of not less than 10 inches (254 mm) measured between the vertical planes of the foremost projection of adjacent treads at the intersections with the walkline. Winder treads shall have a tread depth of not less than 6 inches (152 mm) at any point within the clear width of the stair. Within any flight of stairs, the largest winder tread depth at the walkline shall not exceed the smallest winder tread by more than 3/8 inch (9.5 mm). Consistently shaped winders at the walkline shall be allowed within the same flight of stairs as rectangular treads and shall not be required to be within 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) of the rectangular tread depth.
  8. CharlesVolz

    Light Symbols in 3D

    Is there any way or trick to create a electrical light fixture with a point light where the point light location is outside of the stretch planes and will move with the light fixture as it is resized? Think of a pendant light where the only stretch planes are in the stem so the light shade can be raised and lowered.
  9. CharlesVolz

    Dimensions not adding up.

    I leave the sheathing as 7/16" and make the housewrap 1/16". This better reflects true life and makes most wall thicknesses "even" numbers.
  10. CharlesVolz

    Garage door with three lites at very top panel

    ... or pedestrian door if you are PC.
  11. CharlesVolz

    Seeking Chief Designer to Help with overflow work

    Howdy Justin, I can help you! Just email me or give me a call at 210 744-7489. Here is some information about me and how I work: I am a creative designer who has acquired unique experiences and perspectives from my collection of work as a designer and builder. I have degrees in structural engineering (BS Rice University) and architectural engineering (MS University of Texas at Austin) and have planned, designed, developed and built various, diverse projects over my 30-year career. I am a member of the American Institute of Building Design ("AIBD"), which provides quality continuing education to ensure its members remain current with technology, materials and building codes. AIBD holds its members to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. I utilize the latest technology like GoToMeeting to work with customers live online and OBS Live to record "how-to" videos for builders, designers and DIYers, instructing home design using Chief Architect. I have worked with owners, builders, designers and architects from all over the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and England. I offer time-saving design assistance as well as expert training in Chief Architect. I am available to design your home from concept to working drawings, assist you in learning Chief Architect and/or improve your existing home design. Whether you need a home designer or just a few hours of training, I can accommodate you. Regards, Charles
  12. CharlesVolz

    Maximum Number Of Wall Definition Layers?

    Still need a few more layers!
  13. CharlesVolz

    Roof bearing on 1st Flr

  14. CharlesVolz

    Isosceles Trapezoid window

    Thanks Michael! Not just for this one, but for all you do for others (including me) on this forum! Best Wishes, Charles
  15. CharlesVolz

    Hatching not shown when printed

    Attach plan.