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  1. Good idea Glenn! I will add it to my list, but it did not help me find a material on an ice maker. That detail was not in the material list. Also, is there not a way to search the material list without exporting or copy/pasting it to another program? Hand searching a large material list with the entire plan of materials is tedious.
  2. I lose my toolbar configuration often if I drag the plan to display on my second monitor (which is smaller but the same resolution). I do the above AND copy my configuration using CA as below. I just make 4 or 5 copies after making any changes to my toolbars (and renaming using the date of modification). Then when my toolbars go wonky, I just select the next configuration. It has always worked for me as long as I have copies remaining.
  3. Hey Charles, When can you start on my project! Thanks, Mr. Bump
  4. Somebody will probably have a better way, but what I do is edit the material to be a unique bright color, turn on all layers and look for it in 2D and 3D.
  5. Use a black/dark gray circular 3D solid (polyline) 1/00 as thick as a pull knob symbol?
  6. Rebuild the deck framing.
  7. This what I bought recently. 1500VA/1000W at $218. Similar to one have owned for about 6 years that went out. I consider them insurance when you compare the prices against you new computer system, monitors, etc. You can change the batteries out but their improvements keep me buying new ones.
  8. Turn off framing and turn the Floor Surfaces layer on.
  9. I am a creative designer who has acquired unique experiences and perspectives from my collection of work as a designer and builder. I have degrees in structural engineering (BS Rice University) and architectural engineering (MS University of Texas at Austin) and have planned, designed, developed and built various, diverse projects over my 30-year career. I am a member of the American Institute of Building Design ("AIBD"), which provides quality continuing education to ensure its members remain current with technology, materials and building codes. AIBD holds its members to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. I utilize the latest technology like GoToMeeting to work with customers live online and OBS Live to record "how-to" videos for builders, designers and DIYers, instructing home design using Chief Architect. Training includes Chief Architect versions X10, X11, X12 and X13 for beginners to intermediate. I have worked with owners, builders, designers and architects from all over the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and England. I offer time-saving design assistance as well as expert training in Chief Architect. I am available to design your home from concept to working drawings, assist you in learning Chief Architect and/or improve your existing home design. Whether you need a home designer or just a few hours of training, I can accommodate you. Regards, Charles Charles K. Volz Castlerock Designer Homes 947 Cheyenne Creek San Antonio, Texas 78258 Phone: 210 744-7489 Email: Skype: CharlesVolz Web:
  10. Delete your foundation. Rebuild it later.
  11. OR, just delete all that you do not want by holding the delete key down, take a screen shot, then hit cancel to void the deletions. Charles