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  1. Thank you so much for the head’s up on the macOS! I just updated everything. Will go thru the new tutorials and do a test drive. I so appreciate everyone that has been so helpful.
  2. Thank you everyone! My original question on this thread was for X12 Interiors, did not know that needed to be in my signature too, but will certainly add that. My SSA expires 11-2020. I checked just a few minutes ago and there on the right I now have the green upgrade button—definitely was not there this morning. Thanks again to this great community.
  3. Thank you everyone, my original question on this thread was for X12 Interiors, did not know that needed to be in my signature too, but will certainly add that. I will check for an upgrade button or call Chief tomorrow. My SSA expires 11-2020.
  4. Thank you for helping. The first place I checked was in my Digital Locker. I guess, I need to be patient and look for it at the end of the month.
  5. Sorry, I need to update my signature!!!! I have X11 and I have SSA--get it every year.
  6. When will X12 for Interiors be available? Thank you.
  7. Thank you Dermot. I called in as I did not know where the download link was in my digital locker. I thought I would see a line saying Chief X11. Did not realize it was in the X10 box. I just don't remember it being located this way from previous years. Thank you again. I am so looking forward to exploring the options. Sorry I will not see everyone at KBIS and the enjoy the benefit of the fantastic tutorials given in your booth. What a great team you have!
  8. I do not see an option to download beta X 11 for Interiors. I am assuming that it is not available at this time.
  9. Mark, thank you. I will give this a try. Have been trying to work thru the new tutorials for X10 to understand the new things added to the program. Seems I have time for just the basics on the renderings and always make do with the basic camera 3D views and the dollhouse views. Appreciate any and all tips! Sharon
  10. That is the one thing I did not even try! Never used it in X9. Eric, THANK YOU so much. That did the trick--it takes a few seconds, but the view is sound and I could export the image to show a client now. Appreciate your feedback and help. Sharon
  11. I have been working in X10 w latest update, setting up my defaults in a custom floor plan template for my kitchen or bath remodels. When I check out my door style selections etc in the full camera view, the cabinet lines are blurry and jagged WHEN the camera view is at an angle. When the camera view is straight on like a wall elevation, everything is perfect. I edited the current camera and turned off bloom, reflections, ambient occlusion etc., but it made no difference. I hope someone can tell me how to eliminate or improve what should be a straight forward quick view of a room. Thank you so much. iMac Retina 5K, OS High Sierra-- I have several screen shots showing: 1. A straight on full camera view without these issues 2. An angled camera view and Chief Architect default camera settings 3. An angled camera view with all of the default camera settings turned off.
  12. Thank all of you for your help. I think I am just going to keep it simple, dimension from outer casing to outer casing and do a notation with the trim size. I appreciate all of you and your willingness to take part of a Sunday to help me.
  13. I appreciate any help or input on this problem. I have been having this issue for the last 3-4 months and have just been working around it. I only do as-built and remodel plans, so I need to show the casing widths -especially for kitchen remodels. In a PLAN---For example: 3 1/4" casings when dimensioned, whether with automatic interior dimensions or manual dimensions show up as 3 1/2". I have contacted Chief support and sent them a different plan file. They told me to change the "Rounding Method" in the Dimension Defaults setup. I have selected both "Grid Rounding" and "Distance Rounding" and it does not make a difference. I have also tried: locating first the sides and then changed it to rough opening to see if I could work around this glitch. NO luck. I have Chief X9 Interiors and have used Chief since 8.0 and have never had this problem previously. I even opened one of the Chief Architect templates and drew a simple box with one interior wall and inserted a door, then dimensioned---same issue. Here are my default settings