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  1. MoeGia's post in Reduce house square footage along a line was marked as the answer   
    To move an irregular shaped area, draw a polyline around the area you want to move, select it, then select edit area (all floors?), transform/replicate and move the desired distance.
  2. MoeGia's post in Saving a custom wall type was marked as the answer   
    You can save it to your library, then add it to your old plan.
    You can copy it from the new plan to the old plan.
    And you should add it to your template plan via one of the above methods so it's readily available for future use.
  3. MoeGia's post in Double-Sided Exterior Wall? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you would create a custom wall type.  I'd start from an existing wall.  in the wall dialog box, select the wall type, copy it, rename accordingly and make your changes.  
    It looks like you'd need three different wall types for the three double sided walls to get the correct thickness.  if the stone veneer isn't full hgt, you may need 3 pony wall types too.
    First get the door wall correct, then copy to create the new.
  4. MoeGia's post in Chief Architect and cloud backup was marked as the answer   
    Chief's default location is 'My Documents'.  It seems you can just tell OneDrive to backup that folder.
    If you want the files only in OneDrive, create a Chief folder there.  Install Chief to its default location.  Copy your files from My Docs to the new file.  Open Chief and go to Preferences, locations (not at my work computer for exact names).  Redirect Chief to look in the new location.  Close the program and reopen.  Chief will find the files in your new location.  I chose to put all the library files in my Library Database folder to keep reinstalls or moving files easier.
    Here's my OneDrive setup.