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  1. DerekPedersen

    X11 weekend purchase...

    Hello, Thank you for the question. Upgrade orders that are placed outside of business hours will be processed on the next business day (upgrade orders placed on the weekend are processed on Monday). New license and rental purchases are fully automated and get fulfilled immediately. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  2. Hello Anne, I am sorry you have having trouble with sending email. I have checked our systems and sent test messages from outside source and things are checking out ok on our end. There may have been a glitch somewhere. We are in the office Monday-Friday from 7AM to 5PM Pacific Time and our number is 208-292-3400. Here are 2 email addresses you can use to contact sales via email. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  3. DerekPedersen

    Looking for Design Help

    You can post in the Seeking Services section on the forum or look at the Offering Services to connect with other Chief Architect users. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  4. DerekPedersen

    Vanity with Decorative Toe

    A few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to work one-on-one with @Bella Domicile. In the training session, the topic of adding a decorative toe to a vanity cabinet came up. Bella Domicile provided a hand drawing as an example of what they were looking to accomplish. We worked together to create the vanity and then put the finished vanity into a bathroom scene. We used the Chief Architect Raytrace feature to create a final rendering. If you are interested in how this vanity was put together, download the attached Chief Architect library file and import it into Chief Architect. You can place the vanity into a plan and explode the architectural block, so that you can examine the individual components and settings that went into creating the vanity. Going from hand drawn to a 3D model can bring the design to life and give your customer a whole different experience. If you need a certified trainer to help you with a design element in Chief Architect, contact our team at 208-292-3400. We’re here to help! To lean more about Bella Domicile visit them at Vanity-X10.calibz
  5. DerekPedersen

    Academic Version X9 or X10?

    Thank you for the question. By default we provide the most current released version of Chief Architect. So, you would get X10 with your approved student application. Feel free to contact sales with any questions at 208-292-3400. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  6. DerekPedersen

    octane render

    Thank you for the posting your request. I have sent this to our team for evaluation. In the future feel free to send an email to if you have particular feature requests or ideas for Chief Architect. Thanks again! Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  7. DerekPedersen

    X9 Update

    Chief Architect released an X9 update today. The update version is and includes a simple wording change in the "Help" menu. "Deactivate" has been changed to "Manage License" in the menu list. The function of the command remains the same in that it allows you to manage switching the software license between your computers.
  8. DerekPedersen

    Trial Version on two laptops

    Hello, Thank you for your interest in Chief Architect Software. You can download the trial version on your other computer and use the same key that you saved to register the trial on the second computer. If you still have access to the trial email we sent you, just click on the link in the email to begin the trail version download. If you have any trouble feel free to contact us in sales. You can email or call us at 208-292-3400. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  9. DerekPedersen

    3D Printer

    Hello, Thank you for the question. Yes, Chief Architect supports the export an .stl file that is typically used for 3D printing purposes. Feel free to contact us in sales if you have any questions. 208-292-3400 or Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  10. DerekPedersen

    Chief - Rent to Own - Thank You!?!

    Hello Stacey, Thank you for the post. We do have some financing options that may be a fit for you. Please contact me directly for more information. You can phone direct at 208-292-3414 or email . Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  11. DerekPedersen

    Thanks Chief Architect For 17 Years Of Service

    Tim, Wow, thank you for the kind words and for passing on your experience with the software. It's great to hear your success story and we look forward to serving you for the next 17 years! Thanks again and thank you for being a Chief Architect customer. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  12. DerekPedersen

    License Related Question

    Hello Paul, Thank you for your recent purchase and for the post. Your understanding of how the security operates is spot. You can deactivate by clicking Help>Deactivate in the program or you can log into your online account and deactivate. Something that may help in managing the license is when you are finished on a given computer, instead of closing the software, Click "deactivate" which will both close and deactivate the software. This will always leave the software in an active state, so that you can launch Chief Architect wherever you go next. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales
  13. DerekPedersen

    Need Help With Laptop Computer Reqts.

    Hello, I am not aware of a tutor in your specific area, but Chief Architect does offer one-on-one training via webinar screen sharing. You will find more information about this service here. Derek Chief Architect Sales
  14. DerekPedersen

    Total Sqft And Library Download

    Hello Misty, Thank you for the question. There is a default setting for the automatic living area calculation. You can find this by clicking on "Default Settings">"Plan" and in this dialog box at the bottom you will see "Living Area". You can select "Surface" to get the inside surface or select "Main Layer" to get a calculation for the outside of framing. For catalog downloads, there are both free and SSA catalogs. You can download any catalogs labeled free into the trial version. Here is a link to the 3D library. The image you have as an example is a combination of a raytraced dollhouse view and a photograph of a printed plan. The raytrace is then superimposed on top of the image of the plan in a photo editing software. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Software
  15. Hello, Open your defaults and expand the "dimensions" category. Then open "Dimensions" and click the "Edit" button. Select the "Primary Format" panel and change units to inches. Alternatively, If you are using the Premier version you change your Annotation Set to "NKBA Annotations" (this is a dropdown menu in your top tool bar). If you haven't already, there is a free "Quick Start" training class that will cover defaults in detail. Here is a link to the class. You will also find hundreds of how-to videos here. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales