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  1. Yes I would use the same label on many views like Cross Sections, Details etc. Below are a couple of views from the sample plans. All the text labels on those views wouldn't have to be all typed right? Except the original one. From what i read macros don't work on materials? You couldn't use a macro to automatically describe how to build something? As I said earlier, can all those labels be saved somehow for use in that plan again (copy and paste?)and in future projects, re a database in the library?
  2. Hi, There seems to one major thing missing in Chief Architect from what I have seen. That is a data base of frequently used text that is used on most projects and used to point to and describing materials or instructions etc, not necessarily a Floor Plan etc Notes list but arrowed Labels. I see there has been people asking for such a keynotes tool many times, and its seems strange that this major part of construction documents output is lacking. Am I wrong? How do you all work around this? There was mention of saving blocks of text to the Library in X13 but can't find any videos on this specifically. Is it possible to save the label text to the Library and has anyone done this yet successfully? Cheers
  3. Hi, Does Cheif have any way of saving floor construction types? i.e. different types of floor joist sizes with a certain flooring or different types of concrete slabs that are various thicknesses with or without under slab insulation. I see you have Wall types you can save, but under "Floor Structure Definition" there is nowhere to save it as a new type for future use.