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  1. Thanks for the advice so far guys. Joe, for the method you first mentioned, I am assuming that the "base plan" (areas not effected per elevation) will not be linked back to the main sub folder? So if we made a change, say moving a light, in the main file, we would need to do that through all of the base folders? How is copy and paste in Chief? If we drew a base house with no elevation walls and then each elevation as a separate file, is Chief friendly enough to copy the elements from the elevation to the base file when we need it? Another newbie question, is there a way to quickly mirror a project in the program? If a base plan was drawn garage left, but we needed garage right for a specific lot, is there a tool to do that? Currently we are maintaining a left and right CAD file for each plan and its making me pull my hair out.
  2. Good morning, I am a design manager for a midsize home builder here in the PNW. We are currently exploring options for taking our plan library from 2D CAD to 3D, and I am really interested in Chief. However, since we are a production builder, we have multiple elevations and structural options for each of our plans. Currently we are heavily utilizing dynamic blocks in CAD to accomplish the changes we need for each base plan, but I am hoping there are some strategies we can utilize in Chief to accomplish the same end result, but with 3D objects. I have spoken with Chief sales reps a couple of times and they always point me here or to the trial. I have played with the program quite a bit, and like what I see, however as a total novice I know I haven't even scratched the surface of the functionality. I have also been pointed to the Reference Display as a possible solution to our options by the sales team, but I have not been able to work with it yet. Are there other production home builders out there currently using the program, and would you be willing to share your strategies for maintaining multiple elevations or options within Chief? If what we are looking for just isn't in the program, I would love to know that too, so I can move forward in my search. Thanks!
  3. Currently in 2D CAD but we want to make the switch to 3D for the purchasing/estimating benefits as well as bringing some marketing material in house. I like Chief because the foundation systems are already set up and it makes quick work of editing them for sloped lots. The framing and material takeoffs being setup is also a huge win vs building it all in Revit from scratch. We are currently heavily utilizing dynamic blocks in CAD for our elevations and options, I was hoping for something in the same vein with Chief, but with 3D objects as well.
  4. Hi all, I work for a home builder here in Vancouver and we are looking to switching to Chief. Anyone in the area using it and willing to share your strategies for options/multiple elevations per plan?