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  1. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!
  2. If someone could explain it step by step, I would really appreciate it.
  3. I am not an architect, so it's hard for me to figure out the size of the pitch, etc.
  4. I have two rooms I am trying to create a floor plan for, aand no matter what I do I can't recreate this type ceiling. Maybe someone knows how to. Please, help!
  5. When I want it in specific dimension like cm, I change the settings and start the new plan. But I was talking about already an existing plan in iches, to convert them into cm, on the same plan.
  6. Hello, If you are still looking for someone, I can help you with the design. I use CA X12. Drop me a note, and we can chat in more detail, if you don't mind working with online freelancers (long distance). My Instagram profile is @studio_amaliya where most of my work is presented. Regards, Amal B.
  7. Dear James, If you haven't found anyone yet, I am still available and can help you with the CAD, drawings etc. Please, write to me if you are still seeking a designer. you can also look at my portfolio @studio_amaliya on Instagram. Most of my work is there.
  8. Hi there, I can do it, could you please send more info?
  9. amaliya

    Bathroom remodel

    NY condo bathroom renovation
  10. amaliya

    Condo Design

    Modern/loft design with a funky powder room.