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  1. amaliya

    Converting Dimensions

    I did it, thanks!
  2. amaliya

    Converting Dimensions

    When I want it in specific dimension like cm, I change the settings and start the new plan. But I was talking about already an existing plan in iches, to convert them into cm, on the same plan.
  3. amaliya

    Seeking CA designer for residential projecct

    Hello, If you are still looking for someone, I can help you with the design. I use CA X12. Drop me a note, and we can chat in more detail, if you don't mind working with online freelancers (long distance). My Instagram profile is @studio_amaliya where most of my work is presented. Regards, Amal B.
  4. amaliya


    Dear James, If you haven't found anyone yet, I am still available and can help you with the CAD, drawings etc. Please, write to me if you are still seeking a designer. you can also look at my portfolio @studio_amaliya on Instagram. Most of my work is there.
  5. Hi there, I can do it, could you please send more info?
  6. amaliya

    Bathroom remodel

    NY condo bathroom renovation
  7. amaliya

    Condo Design

    Modern/loft design with a funky powder room.
  8. amaliya

    Converting Dimensions

    Hi there, Has anyone tried to change the dimensions of the ready floor plan from inches to cm? If so, could you please share with me how? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
  9. amaliya

    kitchen cabinets

    Thanks! will try that tomorrow.
  10. amaliya

    kitchen cabinets

    Hi there, does any know how to make the drawers look like in this pic?
  11. amaliya

    help with terrain, please!

    what's your skype name?
  12. amaliya

    help with terrain, please!

    sorry it's not working do you have whatsapp?
  13. amaliya

    help with terrain, please!

    But I need help now, it's urgent, because of the deadline
  14. amaliya

    help with terrain, please!

    If someone I meant.