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  1. I'm not sure if doing that will keep it in scale. I really hope Chief can fix this. It's a very strange problem. Thank you so much for your response.
  2. So now, when I go to other versions, it's also doing it. So I have no idea why this is happening. And I turned off the smooth art line, clicked save. Then turned it on again, and they show back up. But it can't be something in Adobe because I haven't done an update on that in a long time. This whole thing is just weird.
  3. I did report it to the tech support folks. So I'm hoping they figure it out. Even though I've used/owned Chief since X11, I finally decided to take an online class from a community college up in Silicon Valley (I'm in San Diego). But I am taking it because I was self-taught on Chief. And I thought it might be a good idea to actually know how to do things correctly and learn all the icons and proper settings. These particular pdf's that I'm creating are to be turned in for a grade. So they need to be right. But, as mentioned, I've printed out pdf's in all versions of Chief that I've had... even in X14 prior to my update a few days ago. And THIS is totally new. I did have to create a "layer" setting for furniture (part of an assignment) but maybe I turned something off. But I'm not sure how that would translate to printing all wonky in a pdf. Just very strange. Anyway, if I hear back from the Tech folks, I'll certainly let you know. Thanks.
  4. Hi Chopsaw, Well this is very strange that it all of a sudden happened. I did the update for X14 a few days ago. Before that, I could print to pdf with NO problem at all. Never saw any of that. I've used Chief for almost 4 years now. And for this to suddenly happen is the strangest thing. I've done no other updates with my computer, so it's not like it was an operating system update. I appreciate both of you trying to help me figure this out. I did research for about 2 hours trying to find the answer. So at least this helped a little bit. Maybe I could print to a pdf again from the pdf so that it doesn't happen to the person receiving it. I don't know. But thank you so much... both of you.
  5. Michael! YOU are a genius! THANK YOU! I did uncheck it just now and they aren't seen. So chances are, when I send the pdf's to someone, they won't see those lines if I've unchecked them from my end?
  6. Do you know what those lines are and how to get rid of them?
  7. When I print the elevation to a pdf, it's got these weird lines on the drawing. Where are they from and how do I get rid of them? I've attached a jpg and pdf. You'll probably see them better on the pdf. What the heck are they? Thank you. Vacation Cabin 2 - Front Elevation.pdf
  8. THAT WAS IT! YAY! So what I figured out that happened was that this time when I downloaded and installed X14, I put it in a different location on a different drive. It was trying to find stuff that was on my old versions on the C drive. So I went to the Cactus Stone location for X11, then while in X14, I "imported" the X11 Cactus Stone catalog... IT WORKED! Brilliant! Thanks S0 much!
  9. I just went and looked at the colors again, I see that you were referring to the manufacturer that had that color I had clicked on. So it must have been something downloaded, like you said. But I can't delete it while it's in the search area. Even after we install catalogs, are they still being accessed though the folder on our computers from where they were downloaded? I mean, where would I delete these from? And if I do, I won't be able to access them if I use an older version, right?
  10. I have no idea what the Cactus Stone catalog is. I don't recall downloading that in previous versions. I'll check with support for a solution that might not involve me jacking up something I shouldn't. LOL! Thank you for your response. Really appreciated.
  11. Hi Mick, I've never deleted any folder in CA. I'm not sure how to find specific folders that contain all of these. They were things that came with the original core catalogs. So if I start deleting folders that may contain these "colors with texture" I might end up deleting something I shouldn't. But thank you so much for your response. Greatly appreciated. Lauren
  12. I recently downloaded X-14. Normally when I'm going to assign a color to a cabinet or whatever, I can type in the color in the library materials, and I see lots of options. Sometimes the color is related to a tile, which of course, I cannot use on a cabinet. But when I do a simple as search such as "brown", I'm seeing these little "caution" signs that say texture is missing. Never seen that on any other version. I tried updating catalogs, etc. But the photo below is what I'm seeing. Is there something else I need to do to make these colors show up in the search browser? Thank you. Lauren
  13. Hi Annilee, I have a question. I'm not even sure how Lumion works, once you have created the rendering in Chief Architect. But I'm starting to think I really need something like this. I just lost a major client (for nationwide apartment remodels, who was hiring me to create realistic renderings for the company to present to their investors. I was using X13 and it was just not providing any great renderings that I got with X11. I think X12 was pretty good. But still not the renderings I was getting with X11. So I thought I might try to do something like using Lumion. My question is, do you have any "before and after" versions of renderings that were Chief Architect (before) and then using Lumion (after), so that we can see a difference? Though my clients love my designs, they want perfection with renderings that they can use in their marketing materials. Chief Architect was always enough, previously, but now my competition is going beyond that, and I'm not able to provide what they provide. Did it take you a while to learn Lumion? Thanks Lauren
  14. Just to let you know, I DID find all three receipts from the original CA purchase all the way to Feb 2022. I just spoke with Tech Support and he has solved my problem. Thank you for your responses.
  15. Except when I spoke with the lady in sales on the phone a few minutes ago, she said that there is no way I can download it or even purchase a thumb drive with it on there. So I'm SOL. Thank you for responding.