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  1. I tried this and it works great. Thank you for the help!
  2. I have been struggling to get Revolve Object to work. I have watched Solver's video ( about the set up and have duplicated everything, but I get the error "One or more objects could not be revolved" every time. I cannot find anything that is helping me in the forums or online or in the Chief help. Here is a simple plan where I have attempted to get this to work. Any advice is greatly appreciated! REVOLVE OBJECT.plan
  3. I am having issues getting any PBR to send to layout and then export to PDF clearly. It will get pretty close to clear when I am in the camera view itself, but it will not resolve fully when sent to layout or exported to PDF. This is still a new feature for me and am trying to figure it out, so this last step really has me stumped. Not sure if it is my computer (also having the lovely crashing issue on a regular basis, but that is another topic altogether). I cannot load the plan file I am currently having an issue with as it is a client file (I understand this is not helpful), but here is an image of what I am getting. Any ideas of where to start are greatly appreciated. X13 AMD Radeon RX 6700XT TEST.pdf