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  1. They should be placed in the plan then you wouldn't be having any problems.
  2. I got my invite a couple of days ago. Can I upgrade from Win 7 Home Premiun direct to 10 or would it be better to do a clean install. I hate the thought of putting everything back on. Then again it may get a lot of the crap off.
  3. When I place fence on the terrain it sometimes follows terrain correctly, but often it "sinks" under. Have you checked 'follow terrain' in the Stairs dbx?
  4. Perry that would be at Cheers where everybody knows your name
  5. You need to upload the plan file, not the layout file.
  6. Further to my post above, This is from CA Customer Support. Lew called and simply renewed his SSA, which did indeed give him access to X7.
  7. I just checked and X7 is not in my digital locker and I have current SSA. Should I just wait or contact Chief ? As my SSA expires on the 12 Feb as I have mentioned in another post, I felt it very unfair of not having access to X7 because my SSA does not go till the 5th March. Lew suggested calling but as I'm on the other side of the world, I emailed CA. I mentioned that I had been using Chief for 20 years, since V4 but obviously they couldn't care less. So much for customer loyalty. Looks like I'll stay with X6. This is their response: Len, X7 has not been officially released, and will likely not be fully released until March. As such, you will not see the upgrade option in your account unless your SSA expires after March 5, 2015. Since yours expires February 12, that is likely before we will release X7 and you will not have access to the free upgrade without renewing. As soon as you renew your SSA, you will see the upgrade option in your Digital Locker. Please, let me know if you need clarification on any of this, or if you have additional questions. Thank you ________________________________________________________ Kayla Lockhart Sales & Marketing Representative | Chief Architect® Software
  8. V4 was the first metric version I am told? That's right from memory. It was also the 1st version with auto roofs. It has come a long way since then. I can't believe I've being using it for 20 years.
  9. If you are not sure, then download the trial and then make up your mind. Arthur I would if the bloody thing was in my locker but it's not. Now Lew has his in his locker and his SSA expires on the 1st Feb. Mine expires on the 12th Feb. but it's still not there.
  10. Richard It's a b it hard to upgrade when X7 isn't even in my locker.
  11. I first purchased Chief in 1994 (V4) and have upgraded every release since. My SSA expires on the 12 Feb and there is nothing in my locker re X7.If I can't d/load X7 beta even tho my SSA is still current, I wont be paying my SSA renewal. I'm with Lew on this one. After 20 years of loyal service it means nothing. Customer loyalty has left the building.
  12. That's going to take fooreeevvveeer. Sorry but that's just not true. It should only take you a few minutes to do what Matty said.
  13. Good question. I often wonder the same thing. If it's so difficult. go back to what you were using.
  14. Abe On the Menu: Tools, Toolbars and Hotkeys, Customize Toolbars and down the bottom RH side, click rest toolbars.
  15. Probably best to contact tech support.
  16. Just use a ceiling plane. I do it all the time in the situation you have shown.
  17. CA recommends learning auto-roofs as 24+ roof styles can be done via auto-gen then using manual as needed in general once you use manual for a roof system you need to stop using auto this is why I have been advocating for being allowed to marquee a section and having auto apply only to that section some how I doubt if we will ever have this feature Lew This is where you said it. If I misinterpreted your sentence then I apologize. But you can still use manual roofs with an auto generated roof. Even with editing it can still be done.
  18. you need to stop using auto Lew would you please explain to me why this is so. Absolute rubbish. I use auto all the time unless I want to create a roof section manually. Been using CA since V4. Each to their own.
  19. During registration there is a page you should have printed out which contains all the info to do with the software. Product, Product Key, who it is registered to, Company, your details. The last line has your Emergency Transfer Password.
  20. This will not work with Transform/Replicate - it only works with the Copy/Paste Edit Tool You gotta love Chief's inconsistencies Lew, they are two different tools. Not inconsistent at all. Both have different operations.
  21. Same as Scott. No problem here on the update,
  22. Maybe hitting the maximize button will correct the problem. I've been using Chief since V4 and never had this problem. Thanks to Doug & MickyToo the above solved the problem. I don't know how it happened but hopefully will remember the solution if I do it again.