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  1. Hi Glenn, I just tried that and it only seems to show Bottom component size on a double hung window. When using default or triple sliding the only part that is not grey that I can change is left component size. What I have is a 2400mm wide x 2100mm high window sliding in from each side and bottom panel of glass is fixed. Do you have any other suggestions?
  2. Hi Graeme, Thanks for the reply. I have drawn the horizontal lines in the elevation and cad elevation. I then dimension to the lines. Am I right in saying you cant remove these horizontal lines otherwise to dimension is removed also.
  3. I just found a helpful video on the CA website about custom muntins. Thankyou
  4. Hi. I am having trouble with measurements on elevations. I am finding that I cant get the cursor to snap on lines I want to dimension. Do I have to convert to CAD lines to be able to get dimensions from each line. I have also tried using markers to get dimension from floor level to ceiling level. It works but not how I want it to look. Is there any way of having these dimensions without the markers showing. I have tried turning off the markers and it takes the dimension with it. Your help is appreciated.
  5. Does anyone know when changing the window specification to 2 vertical lights can the horizontal bar be adjusted in height. What I mean is that the bottom panels of glass be smaller in height then the top panels of glass. Look forward to your comments. Also want to modify a wide window with 3 panels of glass wide. I want the two closer to the outside to be half as wide as the panel in the middle. How do I do this?
  6. How can I draw a brick window sill for the elevations. I prefer to have the sill on a 10 degree slope. Is there any setting to change or 3d symbols that can be used.
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows when applying dimensions to a plan can the dimension be placed above the dimension line and text placed below the line. The way I have been doing it is using the rich text icon and writing in the words. Does anyone know a more efficient way? I found in the dimension line specification box it only allows you to have leading text or trailing text. Look forward to your comments.
  8. Thanks Glenn. I was thinking that what I should do rather than making the brickwork 431mm. With our standard residential colorbond fascia in Australia being 185mm high x 35mm thickness do you think I should change to current fascia thickness from 19mm to 35mm for the fascia?
  9. Can anyone recommend a new laptop to buy that could run Chief X6 without being slow. I use a laptop to show clients 3d renderings and than plug the laptop into 21" monitor to do most of my work. Or should I upgrade my desktop computer and get a basic laptop with top graphics card. What do most people use and how do they show there clients the 3d renderings and walk throughs. Can an iPad be used?
  10. Thankyou. I thought they could be turned off, I just didn't know where.
  11. Hi. Thanks Robert. The trouble I'm having is that I have a 450mm eave is running around the entire house. Then there are parts of the house like this area that step out under the eave, so there is no eave in this area. If I move the wall in the 19mm (thickness of the fascia) it fixes the problem, but I need the brickwork to be 450mm step out. If I move the roof plane out 19mm from the brickwork (so 469mm) wide eaves the problem is over the external corners of which it doesn't look right, the hip doesn't run over the top external point of brickwork at 45 degrees. Anyone have any suggestions to fixing this problem. Thanks
  12. What is the correct setting for flat eaves around the entire house? Does the setting need to be changed before I "build roof". Should the height of the eave be the measurement at the bottom of the fascia, if so which is this setting. I'm still having trouble trying to get the porch eave to look correct and be the same flat height as the eaves going around entire house. Does anyone know of any online videos on this subject. Really appreciate your help guys.
  13. Could anyone tell me the setting I need to change so I can't see through the windows of the house in the elevation view. Also how do I turn off the brickwork and roof tiles so they are plain white working drawings. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have built the porch as a "slab". It is not classed as a room therefore cant change or add ceiling to match eave height. If I was to change the slab to a porch would this be done using the deck with no rail tool. If so it creates invisible walls, I don't need invisible walls as they want to marry into the other walls. I only need a single line from external corner of house and external of brickwork to represent a slab that will be tiled but want to show porch to have an eave.
  15. Can anybody explain to me how to create flat horizontal eaves to patio/porch areas. I have the tick on the "flat under eave sub fascia" under build roof options. This has created flat eaves to the perimeter of house but not the porch areas. I used roofbase polylines and dragged roof out to make a porch area. Attached is a screen shot of the front porch. Thank you