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  1. I did use the pocket door hardware
  2. Hi from Ketchikan, Just wondering if there is a way to put the hardware ( cup pulls) on both outside instead of either left or right depending on the swing - the way it is now the back panel hardware is on the wrong side
  3. Is there any way to get the deck beams to align to the face of the deck instead of set back? Manually aligning where you want them is no problem, just a hassle.
  4. Here's more info
  5. Same place - but I never watch it - to fake - never had a code problem with the brackets - The claims are at 8' on center is 1000 lbs. capacity.
  6. Up here in Southeast Alaska we don't use ledger boards anymore to attach decks - we use the Maine Deck Bracket - here in Ketchikan our record rainfall is over 202"
  7. GaryOhmer


    I open X7 go to help - download program updates - goes to chief site and tells me I have the most current - still have - won't update - any ideas?
  8. What Scott mapped out is a good idea - saves a couple of steps
  9. I've been using Chief since version 3 and the slide-in range always dropped into a 30" cabinet - the free standing range, well was a free standing range
  10. Using x6 - the slide in ranges won't drop in a 30" cabinet any more - am I missing something
  11. Open Layer Display Options - change Default set to Reference display set - select all - change color to what ever you want