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  1. Use a glass panel door - in materials for the door change the glass to mirror
  2. Just curious if any news
  3. strip the plan on the inside - zip and attach
  4. We use the Maine deck bracket here in se alaska with up to 16' of rain. ESR-1331-Maine-Deck-Bracket.pdf
  5. the rabbit hole is so deep - if go down it's tough to get back out - just don't go down - their feelings down supersede my 1st amendment
  6. I use measures app on my ipad - take a picture draw measurements on picture
  7. Gary Ohmer, Ketchikan , Just wondering how many and location
  8. I've asked this to be addressed multiple times in the past - can't be done
  9. when you change the upper it changes the lower - delete the landing and adjust your stairs where you want them - rebuild the landing and you should be good
  10. Looks to me you're using the wrong railing - third down is straight deck railing and fourth down is curved deck railing.
  11. I had to roll back to 528.02, 12/22/2022 and now is running smoothly. Before program would just freeze when layout update
  12. pull the wall to the other roof peak - in the elevation view put a break (not break wall) at the bottom left of the fireplace wall - grab the bottom and pull up - you can adjust the angle to match the vaulted roof
  13. Had that exact problem - boiled down to the nvidia drivers - went back to 528.02 and all is well
  14. use a slab for the curved section, change the line to arc
  15. not that, why is only one door getting hardware?
  16. Why do we only get one pocket pull on slide-by closet doors?
  17. sounds like the gable wall is still there - delete gable wall then ballon frame
  18. set your overhang for both roofs then look at fascia height for the roof at the right height - open the roof dialog for low pitch roof lock the pitch and then change the fascia to what the other is