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  1. sounds like the gable wall is still there - delete gable wall then ballon frame
  2. set your overhang for both roofs then look at fascia height for the roof at the right height - open the roof dialog for low pitch roof lock the pitch and then change the fascia to what the other is
  3. the problem on my computer boiled down to a bad memory stick - is running fine now
  4. I have a 1080 on my old computer with no issues - but my new computer which has a 3090, no go
  5. 527.56 crashed on me so I went back to 522.25 and it also crashes - seems all of the drivers are crap
  6. Had to go back to 526.47, all the new ones crashed my system - 526.47 seems to be stable so far
  7. go to help and search profile plan
  8. check your roof baselines The Majestic The Majestic
  9. anybody have experience with Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 ?
  10. I used 2" rigid insulation under 1 x 2 , along with a vertical piece with pitch cut , then foamed all the cracks - insulation is only good as the dead air that it occupies - drive around on a cold wintry day and see how many houses have ice cycles hanging - you won't find them on our house -
  11. I'm not very good at this - after you define your shower - go to room defaults - structure - edit floor finish to what your sub base will be (thinset ,etc ) + thickness (like 1" thinset). Now you can use the polyslab set to the thickness of your tile 1/4", 3/8" or what ever - change the material to what your main tile is - set the bottom of the slab to what the thickness of your substrate (1") so the top of the slab will be 1 1/4" to the top if you use 1/4" tile - adjust to the perimeter minus your 3/4" - now do the same thing for the perimeter and use the penny tiles - draw 4 rectangles for the perimeter - confused?
  12. Usually what's obvious is the first to overlook
  13. You might not have the window in full - grab the top of the chief window and snap to the top , should restore full window
  14. Everyone of those houses would already be in the mold and rot stage here in Ketchikan, Alaska - our record rainfall is over 16'
  15. I'm using an old mx master and have no problems at all
  16. I use the desktop version - does it work with x13?
  17. I do mostly interior trim any more - so when I draw a hall with a 36" door at the end I make the hall 3'11 not 48" - 2 king studs and a cripple will give 5 1/2" per side x 2 + 36 = 3'11 so I frame all my closets etc over by 11" , 5 1/2 each side
  18. I open the room - name it closet - the font size is 4, I want a size 3 - so after naming room I double click the name to change the font - I'd like to do that when I name the room.