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  1. Renerabbitt

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    I am unlicensed and in California and often do my own engineering coupled with prescriptive code and get 99 of 100 plans through Alameda/Contra Costa/Sonoma/Solano etc. Counties on a regular basis. I absolutely sub out engineering on projects where I don't wish to take on the liability...but give me a flat lot with a 400 sq ft addition in Oakland or Walnut Creek and I'll run with it with confidence.
  2. Renerabbitt


    +1 True, and if I need a blind plate then I make a roof plane produce it for me and take up most of the heavy lifting so I can manually manipulate it:
  3. Renerabbitt

    Looking for full time position in Oklahoma!

    Sent an email.
  4. Why has it been a struggle? Help us help you does sending multiple plan files to layout help you? Using the layout to navigate your different designs.
  5. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    Far Cry! you mean a soft whisper see above. Only thing that's missing is the line drawing as the load calc is often together with a panel schedule.
  6. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    Took me all of 2 minutes to find this listed as a requirement in a local municipality. They don't usually ask for it, but it is listed, even though it has a statement illustrating that it is a guide:
  7. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    That looks like a layout file and not the plan file here is an example of using notes to generate a panel schedule: PANEL CALC EXAMPLE.plan
  8. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    I've had to do it for Contra Costa County. Did it long hand before X-12. I've got a client that we have to put the circuit numbers into the fixture symbol designation. I've been building out new note tools for this very thing. You should see the craziness some of Texas is going through with electronic submittals. Then I've got a client from Maine that you could literally have a 4 year old draw up and they would stamp it over the counter.
  9. Renerabbitt

    Ducts in PBR have no color

    Turn your sun off and see if it goes away..that'll start you in the right direction of troubleshooting the problem
  10. Renerabbitt

    Ducts in PBR have no color

    Your duct is picking up other environment light. maybe protruding through an exterior surface. haven't downloaded the plan yet. EDIT: or what he said ^
  11. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    BTW assuming you are a junior drafter, for assumption sake, my local counties and municipalities don't require me to show half the items they have in their checklists. Get around the desk clerk and over to your planchecker and let them tell you what you need. Don't ask if you need to include something, ask a generalized question. Or submit and let them come back with a revision requirement. No harm in that, and you may save a boat load of hours. My local plancheckers get so annoyed when I include too much because the last guy told me to. Unless they are subbing out the plan check, your local checker takes on some of the professional liability and is happy to do so if you prove your competence.
  12. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    Use notes and note schedule and take full advantage of the custom fields available in notes. Could whip up a bullet proof panel schedule that can be used for years to come with a little bit of front end planning
  13. Renerabbitt

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    Sonoma and vallejo counties homie, commercial projects, depends on the occupancy type. Assembly, for fact a lot of Bay Area counties require this.
  14. Renerabbitt

    Wall Materials Change Framing

    That is not what I have found, but maybe you know of a fast way to adjust multiple pieces of framing for multiple walls quickly? I can remove the material from the unfinished walls in plan view very quickly (for all walls at the same time), and for any surfaces that need to be changed to greenboard, Type X, etc. I can do that pretty quickly in doll house view (set the default and simply click once on all of the walls you need to change). If I were to manually change all of the framing for the joists and plates involved I would have to open up a lot of separate views and adjust each piece individually, which in my opinion would take a lot longer. The WAY WAY faster was in reference to drawing a bunch of material regions after your surface deletion/hiding. That would take hours. I can think of a handful of different ways for modifying framing members. I can frame an entire house using manual tools in less than an hour in most cases...not that I would want to, but it wouldn't be a problem. I don't have a marker on your skill sets or how many hours you have in the program to know what tools you are familiar with. I think it would help the conversation and in guiding you to find out what region you are in and what level of granularity you are expected to provide in your region or to your contractors. It would also help to know your experience level and take a look at some example plans.(absolutely no insult meant by this, it is a necessary question I would ask anyone looking to employ me for training purposes for instance). I personally draft upwards of 40 plans a year for individuals and firms all over the world, and each drafting standard is different. I know a few drafters love to take on material take offs, but the majority would rather stay away from those tools all together. I personally don't carry the right insurance to cover me from a contract crew floating over milestones because I messed up a board foot. If you are a design-build I would tell you that I would drop a wall schedule in and add the length column to your schedule, or run a macro and call out your own wallboard.I would rather approach it in those ways rather than go through what you are trying to do in the current version of this software. Without the need for the material cut lists, the drafting methods that are standard in chief architect make a lot of sense for most regions. I might suggest exporting your material cut list to excel and then split out your different gyp boards in excel. Simple enough to do. For the amount of effort that I gather you've put in toward making an accurate material list, you could've just done it long hand and been hours further ahead in your draft set. As a marker, most CD's on a 2000 sq ft. 2 story house take from 20-30 hours for the majority of power users including prescriptive structural sheets...with some drafters getting down in the 5-10 hour range with the right templates and consistent project types.
  15. Renerabbitt

    Wall Materials Change Framing

    We call this a California corner..we Californian's like to take credit for everything