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  1. Thanks for all the help. I will put up with the soffit problem and wait for X13 to fix it. The client is not really in a hurry so I have some time. The next problem is trying to put a vaulted ceiling in those 2 rooms. I will work on it some more tomorrow and post an update. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks @Doug_N . I tried raising the roof of the dormer vertically by 12 inches but it still did not resolve the problem. I think the problem is that I am off by some fraction of an inch between the different pitches of the main roof and the dormer or with the roof height of one of the roof planes. I was hoping to find a systematic way of trying to figure out how to resolve the intersection problem so that it would satisfy Chief Architect and model correctly. I have searched YouTube and Google for troubleshooting dormers but have not found a structural or systematic way to find out how to solve the problem.
  3. Sorry, here is the minimal plan after closing Chief. I updated my signature as well. Thank you.
  4. The red arrows point to the problem area. The outside wall and interior wall at the closet intersect with the valley where the two roof planes intersect. The interior of the room creates an attic wall (with exterior siding) above the closet (NOTE: Ceiling was removed to get image) The plan view shows where the roof planes intersect at the valley. I have the same problem on the other side of the house because it is symmetrical. The plan is too large (65MB) but here is the model ( Any suggestion on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.