Need Quick Answer, How Do I Download All Manufacturer Catalogs.... In One Click... Thanks


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I just spoke to Nigel at tech support.  He says you need to go to CA website,  select a library,  it downloads to download library,  and then you need to select to install into your library.  


According to Nigel there is no quick,  down and dirty way of doing this.


It is a time intensive process...  probably about an hour if I was to guess.

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I used to do the complete set of downloads each release

and tried verifying that I had "everything" and it became a real PITA


I stopped doing it with X5 - partly since I am retired

and just didn't want to deal with the hassles


never even tried for X6 or X7


CA use to offer a DVD with all the library content

but its only good at release time of the upgrade


after that it becomes "stale" and outdated as time goes by

and as content changes or new libs introduced


:(  :(  :(



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