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You can change the text style used by the cameras through your layers.  By default, your cameras will be on the layer called "Cameras" using the "Default Text Style".  Change your camera layer to use a different text style and the camera callouts will update accordingly.

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Okay, with a little playing around, I was able to have it change...


I think this is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we as Chief users make (actually probably true with life in general).  That is...getting something to work but not quite knowing why.  I find that when I take the time to understand why something is doing what it is, or how exactly to achieve the desired result, that time is extremely well spent.  I'm able to work with confidence from that point forward not worried about crossing my eyes and fingers hoping the stars align and things all fall into place for me. 


I would strongly suggest that when you reach these points where you need to figure out how to do something that (as much as reasonably possible) you take the time to FULLY grasp what is going on.  You'll be all the better for it and happy you did so. 

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      Here's how you can make some nice looking demo elevations with red dashed linework.
      Start with demo layer having the dashed + red linework style.
      Then go 3D to vector view - and try to turn off the 'color' of the wall textures. Problem is it turns off the linework red color too, which you want to preserve:

      My hack is just to turn the 'material color' to white for the textures on the existing model:

      And the final result is pretty nice:

      Then you can send this to your layout view as a static image ->
      Or you can coordinate the demo elevations, which now look like this:

      Final product - demo elevations with dashed, colored linework showing demo areas:

      Does anybody have an easier idea? There could probably be some changes to the software to allow for 'plot lines' views with colored + dashed linework (or maybe there already is?) but currently this seems like the best way to do it.