How Would You Create This Shape in CA?


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OK, That was a horrific exercise in torture. Just don't have the time or will to learn such ridiculously complex and arcane 3D tools. Got it done but really not easy to understand Chief's 3D tools. Never actually got it right but it looks OK.


Thanks for the encouragement at least.

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I ended up getting there and chose to create the arched piece in elevation, then added the bottom pieces but could never get them to really 'union' together so there's a visible line between the 3 pieces.


Never got any of the 'subtraction tools to work either. Seems so simple but never got the right combination of shapes to 'subtract'. Just not that smart with dumb tools.


How'd you do it Greg?



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Nice Johnny, only problem is I can't change the distance between the arch as a symbol - don't know how at least. How did you do that? SU?


I did it in VW - but I am sure it could be done in SU.  If you send me the size and really want the rounded edges I can size it for you.  I just modeled it to be somewhat proportional is all.






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