Trouble importing SKP files


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I have bee trying to download some bi-fold door units from 3d warehouse and when I try to import to CA I get the error "couldn't create symbol, no 3d surfaces found in data file".


Seems like there should be 3d info there.


( forum won't let me upload the SKP file for me to post here.)

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I did it both ways.

With drag and drop it came in as a free standing symbol.

Using the Import method, I could specify it as a door so I can place it in a wall.


Hmmm...So I tried again.  I guess it does work, but only if I take it out of the zipped folder first.  I thought simply opening the folder unzipped the contents, but it must not. 

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Try importing as a different SKP version...

I think this was the issue. Try the attached file.

After reading your signature, I figured you must be using X6 still. I tried importing the file into X6 and got the same message you described. I opened the file in Sketchup and saved as an older version (2014) for you.

Hopefully that works.

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That was the ticket.

Thanks Michael.


The symbol looks great with the door closed in 3D.

Can't really show it open due to the fact it needs to be classified as a hinged door- single door only in CA.

had to do a little cad add on to make the plan view work as well.


As always good help found on this forum.  ;)

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items dragged and dropped into chief are automatically fixtures.  So if you want a door you need to do the import process


so why does CA create these "nuances" ???


both processes should work the same


the drag/drop process should "initiate" the import process

or at least ask if it should "initiate"


these are the confusion points that can cause Chief to be "frustrating"



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