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  1. I think she wants the plan view so she can have dimensions but I can check. I really appreciate the input! Thank you.
  2. Is it possible to export a plan to Sketchup? My client's Interior Designer uses Sketchup and it would be much easier and cheaper if she didn't have to redraw the entire renovation plan.
  3. Would this be a good method to copy the plan and then place it in reverse on the next property? The first drawing is complete and the contractor wants to do the exact plan in reverse next door with some minor revisions.
  4. The imports worked great. I am almost ready with my new templates in X12. Decided to start fresh because my learning curve has required so many changes to the old templates that it was just easier to import what worked well and do the new additions instead of revising everything as I went along.... Once again, thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks so much. I’ll give this a try first thing in the morning.
  6. I just tried some saved Plan Views in X11. There is no Export function for them, just Layer and Anno Sets. I guess I'll have to do an entire drawing in X12 so it is easy to develop a set of them.....
  7. Scott. Let me know if a workshop is set up. I am definitely in. I have been slack in learning new features and have to catch up.
  8. I didn’t use Saved Plan Views in X11 but can go back and save them to the Plan file. I will then do as you say Mick, and import them, to add to the X12 list in my new Plan template. I certainly cannot see any downside to this, only benefits. Every new update from Chief has improved my work flow of Construction Documents.
  9. I have been ignoring Saved Plan Views but can now see a benefit to using them. I am just starting to use X12 for production work and would like start off right. Just the ability to show different views of pony walls for walk outs without CAD work would be wonderful. If I take one of my completed layout files in X11 and produce Saved Plan Views from it, am I able to import those views to a new X12 Plan Template? Those layout views have everything set up the way I want for CDs and this would be a time saver.
  10. You could use proper walls with siding, etc. and then have a plan set that has “Walls, Main Layer Only” showing that you can do dimensioning on. (You can even turn off all your casings in this set for a really clean look.) The dimensioning should only pick up the proper main layer locations. This will give you the nice clean plan that your boss wants and still give you siding and finishes on the elevations and sections. I'm not sure why some of your walls have changed to siding if you haven’t used the paint can at all. I did have a problem in x10 with old plans coming from x9 but they resolved that in an update.
  11. Those window look like they have no casing and are recessed to the sheathing layer.
  12. Sorry, I haven’t had time to go over all the new posts and just got a notice about this one. The biggest difference in Saskatchewan is the varied foundation requirements. Frost depth and soil conditions! Some areas have clay that moves the foundation and others sand, that doesn’t support it. Make sure whomever you choose to do the construction drawings is aware of these conditions where you are building. I am just catching up on the new energy code and am told one of my building inspection companies is coming out with software for it next month.
  13. Thank you Mark. I was sure it was a reset but could not find anything in help to get me beyond that. Worked perfectly!
  14. I haven't used my laptop in a while and just ran an update for Chief so I could use it for a client presentation. When I started up Chief I can open the project Browser and ALDO and they are docked on the right but when I try to open the Library Browser it doesn't appear. I would appreciate any suggestions to help get it back. I don't think I undocked it because I usually just clone the screen onto my TV but if I did, I need to know how to fix it. i have closed Chief and restarted the computer but obviously I have done something wrong,
  15. It would seem I have a very stubborn brain (no surprise, my husband says). It refuses to work with progressive glasses and I am not ready to try implants. Switching to dedicated computer glasses solved all my eye strain issues and 3 monitors of various sizes work without any issues.
  16. 2 jobs to get out today and then I can have a look....
  17. I'm with Michael on this. 97 1/8" is standard around here. No strapping on bottom of trusses, they have predesigned brace strapping between trusses not below. It's amazing, the different regional differences! Until you read this, you think your way is the "right" way.
  18. I checked the thread on "use XOR" but it was truly confusing. I don't recall the Use Object Settings being mentioned but I may have missed it. I have to spend some time reading the manual on reference floor settings. I have been using them but find they are not as straight forward as regular layers.
  19. I'll have a look for that tomorrow. Is it a setting in the reference layer settings?
  20. Thanks Joe. i agree that it should show without being changed. I'll send in a request.
  21. I must be having a blond or seniors moment. I am inputting an existing design for an addition plan. When working on the foundation level, I want to display the main level railings so I can add in the stairwell. I believe I have turned on the railing wall in my reference layer but it is not showing. I am just going to use a cad box for now but would like to know what I am doing incorrectly.
  22. When I move to a new location, the first thing I do is find an Engineer that does residential work and book an appointment. Some will even sit down with you for a free consultation to discuss local requirements. If they charge you, it is money well spent. They have given me great advice and sample drawing to get me going in the right direction. Another option would be talking to local foundation companies but I find the Engineers are the best.
  23. Thanks for hosting the meeting Scott. I had to leave after the first hour so glad you recorded it.
  24. Very nice! It will now look right in the renderings. Thanks.