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  1. Thanks Ryan- Just what I was looking for- different direction than I was headed with the pantry. I'll play with it and post whatever I come up with. much appreciated .
  2. I have been banging away on trying to come up with a new kitchen design for a remodel project and this one has me over a barrel. In the attached screenshot I have clouded the area I have to work with - all existing walls that need to go have been removed and I have left the bearing walls and point loads that need to stay. I want to get a kitchen with a pantry that will be open to the dining area and capture the views. I also need a powder bath and / or bath 2 for bed 2- can be one or 2 rooms depending. If anyone is interested at taking a swing at it, I am not hoping for a full design by any means- just a general layout idea that may kick me in a different direction than where I keep stonewalling at. (I have pics of existing I can share but don't want to create any undue influence - I think that is a major issue I am having.) STEFFEN REMODEL 1ST IDEA- blank.plan STEFFEN REMODEL 1ST IDEA- blank.plan
  3. Thanks Michael- that did the trick.
  4. That is correct Chop- I assumed that since the PDF I received from them displayed the room sizes in feet and inches the model would be the same - Does the obj file only recognize metrics? If so do i need to change my preferences in CA to match? 0_2734-nw-three-sisters-dr-bend_1.pdf
  5. Quick question regarding importing an OBJ file from matterpak. When I import it comes in about 24"x12"x6". I assume that I am doing something wrong during the import process- but maybe the model is not sized correctly?
  6. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer-
  7. I am trying to create a line style with longer segments for larger scale property lines. Maybe 6" solid segment followed by a 1" space - 1" line - 1" space- 6" line - etc..... 2" is as long as i seem to be able to expand to in the line spec dialog box. Any ideas are appreciated
  8. I had issues with this and posted extensively- Never fully resolve the issue - just happened again last week-but less frequently than before. Only in X12 - X 13 I keep my preferred toolbar configuration set as RL Preferred -and a backup of the same thing in my toolbars and when it corrupts I restart- switch to backup- remove corrupt toolbar - make new backup copy. Kind of a PITA but it works. Seems like CA should figure it out for X14 - Evan if a dual monitor issue - which i have and set identically - I never had any issues prior to X12.
  9. From Taylor at CA tech support Thanks, Rob – this may very well be something that our developers and Testing departments are aware of, some of them frequent these forums pretty regularly so they may chime in on this as well. Since it’s not something that grossly affects the program, it’s very likely just not something that’d ever come to my attention.
  10. thanks Mick- basically what I am seeing as well. will pass on to Taylor
  11. thanks Mick- will Pass that von to Taylor from CA
  12. Much appreciated- Will look at Nvidia RTX 2k series
  13. The video card issues were more related to short black out screens when closing an elevation view and updating layout - By short I mean 1-2 seconds. My concern with that is it may be a precursor to future issues relating to model crashes or contributing to the toolbar problems. Not that I am looking to spend 500-1000.00 on a new card but with my workload I can't afford any downtime. -And not a bad time of year to spend a few bucks before i have to pass it on to uncle Sam
  14. Update- I had a zoom meeting with CA tech staff and we looked into several factors that may be contributing to the issue. Short version is no resolution. Of course I couldn't reproduce the actual corruption on demand during our meeting but there were a few oddities that he noted such as some overlapping of tool handles and inconsistencies with tool spacing between views. At this point, the policy of keeping my preferred toolbar configuration ready as a backup is the best solution we could settle on. One thing that came up- while the toolbar issue is not entirely based on my older video card, there were a few things that he pointed out that could be helped with a new card. He mentioned an Nvidia RTX 2k series should be adequate since psychically based raytracing is not a big priority to me. That said, any input on anything else in my specs that are of concern before I upgrade the card would be appreciated.
  15. Dermot- Not trying to hi-jack this thread but I was working on the toolbar issues I was having Taylor from CA- and while it is not entirely based on my older video card, there were a few things that he pointed out that could be helped with a new card. He mentioned an Nvidia RTX 2k series should be adequate since psychically based raytracing is not a big priority to me. That said, do you see anything else in my specs that are of concern before I upgrade the card? Much appreciated.
  16. Thanks Maureen- I am going to go over all my bars and set up so all are the same with empty spaces to lock them in - I have never had any issue with different toolbar configurations for different view prior to this issue starting in X12 and continuing into X13. The Cad view I posted was to show how the toolbars are changing configuration from one view to another - normally I don't allow any icons to be compressed like that.
  17. Sorry- CAD is actually 2nd image in order.,
  18. thanks Kyle- Attached are 3 screen shots of tool bars Plan- toolbars basically as i want them 3d- basically in that same configuration CAD- have moved some what- not sure why- may need to insert "empty space"? in general I feel like I keep my toolbars in a consistent position and on in all views- unless they keep jumping around as they have been since this issue began.
  19. Thanks Mick- keep em locked all the time- still no good
  20. In regards to Mick's comment: "The Toolbars are not consistent between Views , though you could configure them that way with the customization tool but will likely see blank spaces as some tools are not available in some Views. for eg you can't dimension in 3D" I totally understand that aspect - but what is happening is when slide one tool line around in say CAD view, my toolbars in plan or elevation view are altered - and not particularly consistent with the adjustment made in CAD- am I making sense here? Carrie- CA tech support- suggested inserting "empty space" tools to ensure the configurations were basically "full" or "locked in" Her quoted response from my submittal here: "One thing I’d like you to try, since you like to have the toolbars spaced a bit, is to use the “Empty Space” toolbar item for the padding between toolbars. You can use the empty item to create an empty toolbar that should maintain the distance. Just add it like you do any other custom item. I just learned about this item today and I’m truly sorry I didn’t know about this item before, I would have had you try it long ago." Did not seem to help - and realistically had never had to deal with that before.
  21. Thanks Dermot- I have been working with Carrie on this and have sent her all system info and toolbar files requested from previous episodes. The problem you mention above with all toolbars landing in the upper left corner is a partial symptom of the condition I am experiencing. Maybe you can connect with here and she can provide some info as to what she has been doing?
  22. Thanks Mick- I am going to go through all of this with Todd- aforementioned IT guy- tomorrow and follow up here.
  23. Good afternoon- I have been fighting through this consistently for better than a month with limited success in resolution. I uninstalled Nahimic per Mick' suggestion and still am having issues- at minimum once a day. (side note on Nahimic- when I search for it it does not show up in any programs I can remove - it does however show up as being used by audiodg.exe -am wondering if all should be deleted?) I do have my IT guy coming over tomorrow am to give the system a thorough check up and confirm drivers are up to date- etc..... I have also requested a screen share with a CA tech so they can see how this is taking place. I feel like the toolbars in general are always unstable at this point- Whenever I adjust the configuration of one- say in CAD for instance - the configuration of another is affected. This is consistent between any configuration I work through? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  24. thank you both- using X13 with latest update. will look into Nahimic and report back