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  1. In my experience, while certain individual areas can be manipulated, I find I get a much more consistent model generation if my structure defaults for any given project are accurate before I get started. Just my opinion I guess
  2. CA uses floor and ceiling elevations to establish the way the model is developed- This also dictates where things like stairs and roofs are created. IMO, if you take the time to set up your model parameters correctly, the model, and all of its components, will usually be generated accurately
  3. Quite possibly the worst attempt in history at an ISO scribble on a screenshot but here is my 2 cents. To piggyback on the truss concept, if you could use scissor or parallel chord trusses similar to what Michale and V are mentioning above, you could look at a multi-ply girder on either end and box girders running in-between. Truss company should be able to manufacture a profile for the girders that will allow for a deep enough box to hang off of it as long as you are willing to provide sufficient depth. They may be able to design them with enough drag load to handle the lateral requirements.
  4. HD has its own site and forum- may want to try and post there. Other than that, what you are asking is very vague- Any way you go, I would suggest starting with some training videos to help understand the software-
  5. Thanks Lance- much appreciated! I also opened in Sketch up web and played with it as Eric suggested.
  6. Sorry - contains 4 pool symbols.
  7. I jumped on 3d warehouse and found a symbol for Mod-pools for a project we are working on. The issue is that the SKP symbol contains 34 different objects - of course I really only need the one. Any suggestions on how to extract an individual symbol from the group? Mod+Pools.skp
  8. Not sure how it works in HD - I believe they have their own forum- but in CA there is an option to blend texture with materials which should take care of it.
  9. Simplest way I see wis to get rid of the 2 additional low roof planes and modify the upper one with break lines.
  10. Basically similar to what eric said I believe
  11. I drew the original shape in plan view but as it would be constructed from the top at a width of 1 1/2" or whatever the depth of the truss chords are- Then I took an elevation view of that 3d solid a brought in a CAD detail of the truss shape you were after and used it to modify from that perspective.
  12. Could use a bit more information to really try and help
  13. Thanks Eric- I don't think was in tight enough to grab the hole - all good.
  14. Tab to try and move from selecting the solid to the hole? Just tried it and it reacts similar to the next command- does not recognize the hole.
  15. Probably a basic function but I have run a few searches and not seeing anything that addressed my particular need here. I am working with 3d solids to create a metal base shoe for a beam stair stringer. As I insert holes into the solid, I find myself needing to adjust their size- location - etc..... I can select the 3d solid of course, but can't select the hole itself? any suggestions are appreciated.
  16. My apologies if I didn't understand the OP request - I have designed bult several small commercial projects that have utilized canvas wall systems to enclose cover patio seating. And as for my knowledge of construction being "shallow".......... After 30+ years in the industry I know enough to realize that I will never know it all - and a can learn something new every day if I am willing to keep my eyes and mid open.
  17. Use walls to create room under the stairs and set the ceiling heigh to match bottom of landing framing?
  18. Are you refereeing to a canvas or similar material- that may be see through? Maybe used to enclose a covered patio type area?
  19. Thank you all for the feedback- Chris- the tip for ctrl key - that helps for sure.
  20. Late to the party in regards to X15 upgrade but here I am. Jumped from X13 -X15 so if this was something that was a change in X14 forgive me. One thing I am noticing is a difference in some sizing and movement as I scroll in and out. For instance, as I move walls Recording 2024-02-24 110006.mp4 I need to scroll -zoom in fairly close to make smaller jumps - if I am zoomed out very far at all the jump is larger than I prefer. see attached video.
  21. Thanks all- At this point I think the issue with the drawing I am trying to work with is that is in Raster format. Is there a way to convert Raster to Vector so it then could be converted to DWG or some other format that can be edited in CA?
  22. Thanks Jason- I did give masking boxes a try, but only halfheartedly- I will take another run at it with an eye to your notes above and see if I get anywhere. much appreciated.
  23. Thanks Greg- in looked at Inksacape but don't see any options to convert to DWG mostly SVG
  24. Thanks Jason- The issue is the pdf view is showing through the CA items once it is sent to layout - In .plan with color toggled off the roof still blocks out the pdf line behind- which is te desired view in Layout