Break wall near corner - how to do it close?


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For the brick wainscot wall I have on a face elevation, client wants it to wrap only 12 inches on adjacent sides.  Framing is 2x6.  I have this as a pony wall and need the pony wall length on the return side to be 12 inches.


I cannot get (or force) the wall break for this pony wall to be that close.  Closest I can get is 14 and a fraction.


What controls this?

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Gene,  I think Wendy, and Glenn's method are the best way.  It had been so long since I had done this that I forgot about the invisible wall method.


But in this screen shot I've been able to reduce the amount of the brick return further than possible with the invisible wall method by using a wall material region for the siding on the return wall


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Hy Guys,

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Thank you.


You've veered so far off topic with this last post that some who might respond will miss it.  I recommend a new thread.

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