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Hi All

Quick Query

Is there any way to make fencing higher at one end, straight along the top and still follow the terrain.

He has come back wanting this in his edit of the elevation.




Unfortunately fences are not editable in anything other than total height.

Tried turning them in foundation walls and all sorts of other options?

I cant seem to get the texture etc on a 3d solids


I have done a patch up using small sections but don't want to be the designer that cant even get the top of a fence straight LOL



Surely it cant be this hard for something this simple.


Thanks in advance


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You can turn off "follow terrain" for the fence or set it to "step terrain" but I don't think either of these are going to give you what you want.  What you want is a level top with the bottom following the terrain (or stepping it) and I don't think there is an easy way to do this automatically.  Sounds like you should submit a feature request is this is a common way to build fences in your area.


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Depending on what you need, and perhaps okay for elevations, the quick and dirty way :),  is to turn the ROOM Definition back on in the "Fence" Walls ( assuming you have 3-4 sides to get a room ) and then controlling the Room Floor and Ceiling Heights  and the Railing Height as needed. Basically turn everything  off in the Room Structure Tab and in the Terrain DBX uncheck Hide Terrain intersected by Building.


Depending how much work you are willing to do , if you want the bottom of the Wall to follow the terrain , you can uncheck  Railing in the Wall's Gen.Tab and edit the wall shape in elevation as usual, this will mean multicopying Posts every 8' and using solids for a top rail etc as needed though.  * I only did the right side posts and Solids in the Pic below after making the wall 3/4" thick as it only represents the panels after this change.


image.thumb.png.cf60dab403a2438b3e92c31a2f530cc8.png image.thumb.png.746de6b4f30f5e7143f279ed54ce16cb.png  image.thumb.png.ce37ca423399a0566911c639c720136c.png  image.thumb.png.264488b7d4967b78ffb4c5bbb2044f7d.png



image.thumb.png.6409336054dec3f6523a3e1574d2b569.png  image.thumb.png.403d18bcb08029b2cf38acfccd1180cb.png









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Thank you all for you time input on this one and some interesting work arounds.

Much appreciated.

In the end because of time pressure I used trees to cover the Issue and made sure my 3d shots are taken at an angle that didn't show the top line of the fence.

Fortunately there are real trees in place on the adjacent site :)

Sometimes with Chief it is the simplest things that cost the most time :( 


Thanks again to all those that took precious time out of their day to have a look :) 

Overview 4.jpg

Overview 5.jpg

Chief talk.jpg

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